Monday, April 16, 2007

Cuteness. At warp speed.

Blog activity has been temporarily interrupted. We have a visitor.

My niece isn’t the only one visiting this week. My sister and her husband are here too. It’s great to have them here and hang out and have family time together. Which is also time to try and overcome my new photography challenge. Try to get a decent picture of this one during the .003 seconds she might actually stand still once in awhile.

It's tough.

Even though there aren’t knitting pictures I assure you there has been knitting activity. I gave my mom the Cloverleaf Mitts for her birthday and she went nuts over them. She adores them. I adore them too. And now I find myself coveting them. Time to make some for me now I guess. I’ve also cast on for a scarf I'm completely in love with. But between the toddler photography challenge and the low light conditions created by this weeks nor'easter, better to wait until next week and do it up right. I feel bad not properly blogging this week, but the niece (and her parents, gosh I keep forgetting them!) is only here for a little while, and you know she won't be this adorable, hyper, and very sweet age forever!

(And did I mention it took both my sister and her husband to get her dressed yesterday! And they're both college graduates! My sister went to an Ivy League school!!! But getting a toddler in tights, I guess it just levels that playing field huh? I don't know, maybe it's just funny when you get to watch your sister do it. High comedy!!!! How did I miss getting pictures of that? Hmm....)


EK said...

That is too cute. Well, as we know knitting is a competition, maybe putting stockings on kids who don´t want to wear them is too.

lobstah said...

I think the pictures look great! They really capture that age and show personality.

Tracy said...

I love the look she's giving you in the first one and the warp speed hands in the second. Too friggin' cute! Will she be joining us tonight?

Say said...

She is soooo cute!!

tradbird said...

What a cutie, she looks like her aunt!