Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little guy and some little knits

Last weekend I took a quick trip down to Florida for a very special event, it was time for my nephew to be baptized.

And believe it or not he was just that calm cool and collected throughout the whole ceremony. He is such a sweetie. And just to make him even more lovable when he's not dressed in his formal wear he enjoys lounging about in a onesie, playing with some handknits.

Can you believe it, he loves his blocks! He grabs them and squeezes them and puts them in his mouth while he makes this silly grunting noise like he's trying to be tough. It cracks everyone up, and then he starts laughing and he's all smiles and giggles like all of a sudden he thinks its so funny too. It's so cute. And I'm just thrilled that the blocks are put to good use. Remember how much trouble I had making them? Ugh, I look back on those awful last stages of seaming them and wonder how I made it through, it was really that miserable. And now, now they are toys- TOYS! That someone loves and plays with regularly. I just think its so cool.

I recently finished my toe up socks which came out ok

For some reason my toe-ups seem to come out a little saggy all the time. They just don't fit as well as top down. And they seem to take forever after the heel, I think I miss having a toe to look forward to. It might be awhile before I try these again. Anyway, after I finished the socks I had to start another 'toss in my bag' project to have with me all the time so I started this scarf.

It's Rivolo by Anne Hanson. Like all lace it looks kind of bumpy and weird now but once its blocked it should look way better. I am having so much fun knitting this by the way. It's so simple, and every other row is purling back, so it's meditative with really short rows and seems to be going very fast. I worry that I might not wear this when I'm done. I realized I already have a very lovely green lace scarf that I never, ever wear. But I know that I am a process knitter, and sometimes I have to knit things just to try it, just to see how it will look finished, or just because it's there.