Friday, October 19, 2007

Insert yarn photo here

So last weekend was Stitches and tomorrow I leave for my very first Rhinebeck, you'd think there would be some stash photos here. Well, I did buy in Baltimore and I plan to buy more in Rhinebeck but being away 2 entire weekends in a row has left little time for blogging. Well, that and also a visit in between from the world's cutest niece! My sister was thrilled to win tickets to hear J.K. Rowling read and sign books at Carnegie Hall this evening. She's a huge Harry Potter fan so she didn't think twice about booking a flight to come up for the event. But who would babysit? Me of course! Well, ok, with help from my mom I guess. I knit the soakers, that is the extent of my diapering knowledge and I'm content to leave it at that level. In the meantime we've had a great couple of days eating crayons, playing with Mr. Potato Head and licking Playdoh. (Hey, I sniff yarn, I see the point of connecting with the essence of your medium.) If you need knitting content, well those socks she has on in these pictures are the ones I made a couple of months ago. There will be stash photos in the near future I promise. In the meantime, proof that the niece is not only still cute-but still fast!!!


Rachel said...

She's a doll! What a great win for your sister too.

Dorothy said...

She's a cutie! You mean it isn't normal to lick play-doh before using it?

I hope you are having a great time in Rhinebeck!

lobstah said...

Hope you had an awesome time in Rhinebeck.
Wow, your sister got to go to THE JK Rowling event?? Cool!

Tracy said...

what a cutie patotie! She's lucky yuo didn't take a bit out of her for being so yummy :)