Sunday, December 02, 2007

Can you believe it's December already?

I certainly can't. I know back in August I promised pictures of the girls in their soakers. I don't think I could have asked for cuter photos! The pink pants look much better on, and it looks like they fit pretty good!

This is my sister's friends daughter. I figure the pants must fit ok and I guess the itchiness isn't issue, otherwise she would never be able to do this-

Right? How cute is the acrobatic photo? So sweet. And of course I made soakers for my niece too. Except her version wasn't the pants, it was just the regular short soaker.

I'm not crazy about how this one came out kind of see-through. I think maybe it was the Cascade 220 being a little thin. (The pink pants were made with Patons Merino and that yarn is a little thicker) Also if anyone is thinking of making these my sister did agree that if I make any more in the future she thinks she'd prefer the long pants-version like the pink ones. With that one the baby can just wear them like little leggings, and they don't really need pants over them. With the short version the soaker is still very diaper shaped, and not so fashion forward.

As for what I'm knitting now I'm motoring along on the white scarf.

And I do concede that I no longer think it looks like crap. It is actually very, very pretty. I saw someone had knitted one of these out of Silk Garden on Ravelry and I swear it made my heart go pitter-pat. Proof again, that it's just the white that's really not my thing, otherwise this pattern is actually really very nice. You never know, on a different day, in a different yarn, I might someday knit one for myself!


KnitXcorE said...

i know! we've already eaten 2 disgusting choclates from the advent calendar. wow.
the soakers are soooooo cute! it looks like there isn't much knitting left on the scarf.

sunneshine said...

Those girls look so cute in their soakers!! Nothing like seeing your hard work put to good use!

I love the white scarf - just wait till you block it - its going to be gorgeous!!