Sunday, January 06, 2008

Knits and Giggles

I officially finished the last of the holiday knitting for real. These Fetching mitts were done in plenty of time to gift to my hairdresser yesterday.

I always think hairdresser sounds like an oldy-lady word. Like she's going use a pick and lots of Aqua Net on my hair or something. Anyway, she loved them. I did a regular knit bind off at the top this time. I've done the picot bind off like the pattern suggests in the past and I find it curls back a lot. I like how these came out. The recipient was also very happy with them!

And I finally (finally, finally, finally) got to start a sweater!!!

Although I have this icky nagging fear that this sweater start might just be extensive hopeful swatching and my not end up being a sweater result. I'm using the book Knitting from the Top by Barbara G. Walker for this one. The book is amazing but it involves a lot of trust. I figured my pattern based on a much wider neck opening than recommended. It's a top down V-Neck and I like my V-necks a little wider than I think some patterns account for. I like to wear them with tank tops underneath just fine. So far each time I put it around my neck and 'pretend' like it's a sweater it actually looks ok. I guess I'll know for sure when the time comes to join the neckline in the round.

Other than knitting this sweater the other thing that just plain freaking made my week was my new favorite website EVER!!! I Can't Believe He's Still Single is a blog that copies REAL personal ads from the internet and it is hilarious!!!! And for those of you that think it's mean just remember-I met my husband on this crazy internet. And before that I will admit I did kiss a few frogs. And apparently those frogs are still single and there ads are being posted on this blog!!! Ok, probably not really, but some of these scenarios do seem somewhat familiar... You guys have to read it, it's just so, so funny. Do not, do not miss the post Millionaires Need Love, Too or Dumb and Slutty ISO Dumb and Slutty. And on Bloglines there are only like 5 subscribers or something? How is this possible? I'm telling you guys I marveled about the ability of Ravelry to just suck the time out of my day. This site is just as good. Seriously. Enjoy.


Tracy said...

good job finishing the fetching in time! I thought it was weird too that the site had so few subscribers, even weirder to know that our group probably makes up at least 50%!

lobstah said...

Heh...I always wonder about "hairdresser" too. Are we supposed to call them "stylists" now? Somehow that just sounds too...Hollywood!
That personal ad site is hilarious!

Dorothy said...

That "Older for Younger" personal ad is the funniest thing I've read in a long time!

I think of hairdressers as huge hair, gum snapping, too much makeup, too tight pants kind of girls. Peggy Bundy for instance. She could have been a hairdresser. Although stylist sounds a bit high-faluting to me.

I hope your sweater works out for you.

EK said...

I'm glad you got a laugh out of my 'personal ad' find on Ravelry. If you want to do the meme, go for it!