Sunday, February 24, 2008

By George!

Remember back on Monday when I talked about having the flu? Ha! By the next morning my cough had progressed to sounding something satanic and I threw in the towel and dragged myself to the doctor. What I just figured was the flu was actually bronchitis, a sinus infection, a nasty throat infection, fluid behind both eardrums and a temperature of 102. Since then I've been on hardcore antibiotics and cough medicine and a decongestant. I'm starting to feel more like myself but I decided I'm tired of winter for some reason.

Normally, I love winter but this winter, as far as winters go kinda blows. It hasn't been that cold really, we had a lot of those weird days where it's like 50 degrees and warmer and hardly any snow whatsover. Friday was our first major snow 'event' but it really wasn't even an 'event.' I believe we officially need over 4 inches to have an event. This was less than that and today it's starting to warm up again, and you can already see the dirty grass through the snow. I hate that.
To make matters worse I believe my sweater sleeve is having an identity crisis. This is why I should probably be knitting with a pattern.

I rely too much on this 'try it on as you go' stuff. I swear I did the math at the top of the sleeve and thought I had my decreases down pat but I've decided that on this sweater gauge is just a big fat liar!!! I had one gauge while knitting the yoke back and forth, another gauge knitting the body in the round and now the sleeves are another gauge all of their own. This lead me to start out decreasing every 3rd row at the top of the sleeve, then changing to every 5th row in the middle and now as I'm nearing the wrist I figure I'm almost completely done decreasing, maybe I'll just do it one or two times more. For all the erratic-ness the sweater still actually looks decent on. If my notes are good enough and I can manage to duplicate this sleeve for the second one I might actually have a wearable garment.

Boy this post sounds cranky for some reason! I promise I'm really not in that bad a mood, it's just coming out that way. Well, in non-sick, non warm weather or sleeve crisis news the Oscars are on tonight everybody! You know what that means!! George is going to be on tv!!!!

Sigh... George I love you... Even when you played George on Facts of Life I knew you had only begun to tap into your hotness. And I loved Michael Clayton. I work with attorneys. Why can't any of the attorneys I work with look like you? Why can't they look like someone who might even qualify to carry your water bottle? That scene where you have on the shearling jacket and black turtleneck? You should wear turtlenecks all the time. You should wear a turtleneck tonight to accept your Oscar for best actor...

So look at it this way whether he wins or not, we'll probably get to see him in a tux so really, how bad can the 4 hour speechfest be if there's 30 seconds of George in a tux... Even if Juno wins, because let me tell you I've had a whole Juno rant these past few weeks.... Yes the movie was cute but best picture? No. I haven't been this irritated since Julia Roberts won her Oscar for Erin Brockovich. This is basically how my whole argument goes-Julia Roberts does not win Oscars, Meryl Streep wins Oscars. And Juno is a teen movie, as much as John Hughes has affected my life let's face it, teen movies do not win oscars. Heathers was a great movie. Never won an Oscar. The Breakfast Club was a great movie-no Oscar. So as much as I love Michael Cera-no Oscar for Juno. Sorry, hands off that statue Diablo Cody... That one is for George!


Anonymous said...

I agree about Juno! Why is it up for all these awards? There have had to be some better movies out there. Anyway, we are watching the Oscars right now and I just got my first glimpse of George. He is looking fine - he does not age. But I have to say I am holding out for a look at Mr. Pitt. He is my fav. I really love Alan Rickman too, but he just has not aged as well. Well he is 62, so maybe he has, but when you get over sixty, I just cannot put you down as eye candy anymore. Loved your post! Winter sucks here too! Bye Sis!

KnitXcorE said...

honestly, i dont care if im on my death bed, i refuse to take any more antibiotics this winter. they really mess you up.
i hope ur feeling better

Tracy said...

I can't believe I missed this post and your ode to George! I'm also floored you've given up on winter, you've been waiting all year for it, but alas, you're right, this winter was not wintery at all :-(

EK said...

I like the new sweater. Yay for using stash yarn!