Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Jersey-The Garden State

Yes, New Jersey really is known as the Garden State. In keeping with this theme I picked up a couple of new books yesterday.

In my job, which is really pretty boring unless you do it too, trust me, fraud is not an uncommon occurrence unfortunately. We are constantly getting updates and warnings from our underwriters, FDIC etc. about whatever new real estate scheme is going down. I've actually heard important people at important meetings refer to New Jersey as "a hotbed of fraud" and talk about the many "Fraudsters" (that one makes me giggle especially hard) peppering our landscape. So when someone recommended The Soprano State to me earlier this week I had to pick it up. It is supposed to be J-U-I-C-Y baby! I can't wait to hear about some more Fraudsters! It's always so funny it's sad, and by the look of the index and the names named so far, I don't think it will disappoint.

As for the gardening book it's hopefully going to help me with what I've referred to as my Recession Garden.

Because thanks to the Fraudsters people, we are in the middle of a Recession and I figure when everything starts doubling in price it might not hurt to have some free food around. This is my first official gardening adventure and I'm pretty excited about it so far. I've started seeds for peppers, tomatoes, flowers and herbs. I like working outside in the yard and I've always wanted a garden so I figure I'll give it a try. Worse case scenario, nothing takes and I'm just left with the box of dirt I started with in the beginning right?

In knitting news the bandwagon ride has been going along smoothly...

Chris in my knitting group originally suggested that we should all knit the Central Park Hoodie as a race. Being the person who would have to knit the biggest sweater I put the kibosh on that right away. It just wouldn't be fair. However, I don't think anyone else has really started that much... and Chris has been on vacation in Florida where I'm certain it's got to be too hot to be knitting a Central Park Hoodie right? I might actually be in the lead so... race on ladies!!! Eat my dust! Ok, just kidding, who cares when anyone finishes. I'll just be happy if the end result does not look like a circus tent or a sausage casing. That's how I usually gauge my sweater success. Aim high right? And if it comes out the wrong size I'll just have to go and find someone that it will fit to own it.


EK said...

I tried a few times to grow veggies, thinking they would be safe on the deck, but the deer, groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels, birds and other things had other ideas. Didn't know we still had that much wildlife in our overdeveloped area.

As for the hoodie, it's good you're making progress. I'm still working on the "easy" shrug.

Rachel said...

I have my own Recession garden, hopefully our family can survive on tomatoes and basil for the summer. :)

Loving your CPH, I know that everyone is doing it (including me) but its my #1 worn handknit. You will LOVE it!

KnitXcorE said...

i think we all have recssion gardens this year!

Jodi said...

Gardening in the Garden State! Reminds me of my favorite Michelle Shocked song -- Anchored Down in Anchorage.

Sweater's looking great, and best of luck with the garden. I wish I had outdoor space for my very own recession garden!

Tracy said...

You're so ahead of me with the sweater considering I haven't even gotten the yarn yet! Can't wait to see how your garden grows, hopefully evil little neighbor girls won't steal all your flowers. They're worse than the deer I tell ya!

suburbmom said...

Hey there - I did not realize you had already started on the garden! Good for you! I so wish I was there (and not here, where it was 80 degrees today). ..

lobstah said...

I'm sad b/c this is the first year in a long time I haven't bothered starting any seeds (being in a new apartment I'm not even sure there's a hose spigot outside). I might still buy some tomato seedlings to grow in pots if conditions allow. Hope your garden is bountiful!

Chris said...

You are still winning my dear! Still winning!!!

I need to knit faster!!!!