Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hi! Hi there!!!! Hi there blog! I miss you! Just wanted to say hi!

I miss blogging more often I really, really do. But it just seems like lately the precious weekend hours have been getting away from me. All to often I find myself collapsing on Sunday nights, without a single picture taken or idea reported on. But things do go on, like the Central Park Hoodie. This weekend it morphed itself into a big, soft, woolly, beautiful mess and I love it.

The pieces are all done, I seamed the shoulders and got the sleeves in. Now I'm simultaneously working on the hood and the side seams. I had read on Ravelry that since the yarn I used to knit this was pretty bumpy, that it was easier to seam this with DMC Perle Cotton instead of the yarn. I bought some Perle Cotton and tried it and while it was probably easier, I felt the cotton was totally obvious, so I'm seaming with the Kathmandu Aran I knit it with and it's really not that bad. No suckier than seaming usually is, but that whining is for another day.

Because this hasn't been so portable lately I have been working on my smaller project I usually keep going. I finished the sloucharific green hat (crap forgot to photo it, next week I promise) and started the first sock I've knit since before Christmas.

Ain't it pretty?

gave me awesome Socks that Rock in the Raven-Valkyrie colorway and I love it. I'm finally using a pattern from the More Sensational Socks book. This one is Double Lace Ribbing and it's pretty fun.

Speaking of fun I just found the video podcast Gardenfork on iTunes this morning. So far I've watched the episode on making raised garden beds (so informative, I needed to see this done, I'm so glad I found it) and the episode on street food from Jackson Heights, Queens. Also very fun. Hopefully next week I may have even more to report!


KnitXcorE said...

the sweater looks fab!!!!
i can't wait to see it in all of it's CPH glory!

gardenfork looks awesome, too. hopefully they do a special container garden episode :-)

Karin said...

gardenfork sounds neat. I will look into that. Also can't wait to see cph all finished!

Tracy said...

Welcome back to blogland! All the knittign looks great and hey, just a hood to go baby!

(oh and button band, but then you're done!!!)

lobstah said...

The sweater is looking awesome! I've also heard people talk about seaming with perle cotton too but it seems weird to me. If the yarn I'm using is too bulky or weak then I just use a thinner yarn of a similiar color.

That sock is going to be gorgeous--great colors!