Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Done and done!

First, the finished Elizabeth I scarf

My patented "Slacker" blocking technique didn't affect it as much as I feared. It's not pin straight on the sides, but honestly I sometimes can treat my scarves pretty harshly. Even if it started out flat and perfect, trust me a few minutes stuffed down the collar of my coat will have it at least somewhat wrinkled. Which is how things sometimes get in the real world. Which is ok, we do make this stuff to wear after all right?

In addition to the scarf I also finished the toe-up red socks I've been working on forever.

They might look fine and dandy but you know, looks can be deceiving. My one major complaint? I didn't do some kind of modified stretchy bind off at the top. And boy can you tell when it takes me 3 minutes to get them completely on. When Freddy/Jason/the bogeyman comes to chase me these will not be the socks I reach for to put on before I leave the house or I will be toast. Once I get the socks on they're completely wearable, but still, it's a big lesson learned. Another thing-I somehow ended up with these big honking holes at the heel gussets on the second sock I knit. Go figure, it was the 4th time I worked those short rows, you'd think I'd get better with each time. They're not huge enough for other people to notice-just me! Which is enough. Still, they will get worn. These are superwash wool so I figure what I lose in putting-on time perhaps I will make up in not-having-to-handwash these socks time. And the toe-up sock thing is still very intriguing. I will be trying it more in the future. And I bet the next pair will definitely come out much better.


Karin said...

Great scarf! I agree, the blocking you did was enough. Especially for something that will get lots of wear.

Have you thought about undoing the BO on the socks and trying a different one? I hate having to redo stuff I've knit, but sometimes I just swallow that bitter pill and do it!

Rachel said...

Your scarf is so beautiful! I started knitting a freaking doily today. (A FREAKING DOILY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD)

Im really liking this lace thing. hehe

Kari said...

The scarf turned out really nice. I love the picture of the scarf on the hanger. It just looks cool there.