Monday, June 08, 2009

Summer of Lace

I'm probably a few years behind, but it looks like 2009 is going to be my first summer of lace. Blame it on Ishbel. I'm officially addicted.

Knit up in some Miss Babs Yummy Sock yarn this is my new favorite thing. I adore it. I love the points, the drapiness, the pattern, everything. And face it, I could have knit a cat bed with this yarn and I'd want to wear it around my neck in those colors. They are so gorgeous and saturated. Color name-Wine Barrels. Perfection.

Onto the next project is Simurgh by Anne Hanson. I have wanted to knit this for a forever ago but made the Ishbel first as a warm up.

I'm loving this one too already. I feel like a big lace project is what my summer knitting repertoires have always been missing. Not that I don't love the socks and dishcloths but I've always felt a little subjected to the very simple and very small project realm during the hot weather. Not anymore. It's like instead of having to read magazines, I can finally pick up a novel again. Big lace projects are fun to sink my teeth into. And I can't wait to see how this one will come out.

And that's not the only red in my life. Last week I picked 14 pounds of strawberries at a local farm with my mom. We also picked fresh peas, spinach and kale. I'm all about the local lately. And the berries. And now I've got a freezer full of both. Lovely.

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Jodi said...

Mmmm... those strawberries look just luscious. It's still a bit too early for them here in the upper midwest.

Nice Ishbel! Isn't it a fun pattern to knit? I've been wearing mine a ton this past week during a cool spell.