Sunday, November 20, 2005

But what have I been knitting?

Well the gray cardigan is finished.

And I'm much happier with it than I thought I was going to be. I have a couple of pics of it with me in it, but they were taken at the end of the day and let's just say I'm looking a little weary. But they will follow I promise. They have to because that's one of the things I like about the sweater, it really fits me and it is presentable. It's not like I'm just wearing it because it feels good and I like it because I made it. This is actually a very nice sweater, which was a nice surprise because god knows when I was seaming it I had my doubts!

My other main finished project for this week is this

No unfortunately it's not for my beautiful new niece Addie :( This is for a pregnant co-worker of mine who was very heavily hinting that she wanted something handmade after she saw what I had made for Addie. This one is kind of interesting, it's the strangely-titled 5 hour baby sweater. The version of the pattern I used is found here Or there's another here The sweater came out lovely, but 5 hours? Surely you jest! It was at least 8 or 9 easy. Maybe the next time it will be 5 hours, maybe. And next time I'm definitely making the seamless version. I made the version with seams why? I forgot I really, really, really don't like seaming I guess? Anyway, I think my co-worker will like it and I think I probably will make again in the future. The hat is actually the umbilical cord baby hat from Stitch and Bitch which is a pattern I love and have made several, several times. This one is a little different because rather than doing the I-cord & tying it I decided just to sew up the top & make a little bobble in it's place. I like it, I think it's a neater, cleaner alternative to the pom pom. Plus, making pom poms is a technique that continues to elude me. They're never tight enough or shaped right. Despite investing in the proper pom pom device, it's just hopeless, so I'll go with the bobbles.

Oh and the yarn is a yarn that is new to me, Bernat Satin. I loooove this yarn! So, so, soft for an acrylic. Which makes it washable, which I think it necessary for baby wear. And so affordable it's a crime. Definitely, will be using this again also.


Karin said...

Those look awesome! The sweater you made for yourself looks professional or store bought, good for you :).

Erin said...

That grey sweater looks good. I thought it was store bought, too. It should have a label sewn into it.