Friday, November 25, 2005

A rant, a necessary one.

Ok the nice part of this post, Tracy proved to be a much better knitwear photographer than my husband and for that I am grateful!

So that is the gray cardigan. I'm happy with it. It's warm and wearable. Don't know if I'd recommend the knitpicks andean silk really (sooo fuzzy) but it's a keeper.

And then the ugly. Why oh why oh why did I buy this?

I don't understand. I've bought it before. I've hated it before. The fact that they first published it without the girl in the photo and then added it later (why to attract women, or repulse us more or????) just plain skeeves me. And all too often I've joined in the ridicule of the patterns at (Face it the magazine could practically be the website) But no, for some reason I bought this. And maybe I'll give them like one teeny tiny speck of credit on having a 'men's issue' for originality. I guess. But still, nothing, nothing, nothing could ever make up for this:

That's right folks it's a knitting centerfold!!!! Like the pages fold out of the magazine and you can hang it in an auto body shop or something. What the?????? Does someone else get this that can explain it to me???? The caption so helpfully tells you where you can get the pattern to knit the fun fur faux bearskin rug. Oh thanks.... And I hate to point it out, but the way he's holding the one needle in his right hand as if he's... Ew ew ewwwww!!!! Sorry bub, maybe I'd think you were cute if I saw you on the beach or something but for now please keep your equipment away from my knitting equipment. Thanks!!!! And knit 1 thanks for burning out my retinas yet again. Next time I'll just flush that money down the toilet and make it a lot less painful.


Karin said...

HA! I dragged my boyfriend to Joann today to hit up the sales, and rather than sulk around the store like most men, he'd rather mock everything in site. Well, he had quite a time flipping through this issue I must say, and I had to agree. It's atrocious! I am really not a fan of that magazine.

Emily said...

That cardigan is so darn pretty! I love basic knit items. I'm using the same exact yarn (down to the color) to knit myself a sweater right now, and it is nice, isn't it? It's a bit fuzzy though.

Tracy said...

I may just have to go get a copy of the mag soley for the centerfold. When else will will ever get a centerfold like that?!?

As for your sweater, it totally rocks! Wait until you see mine :( does not rock, it just kinda lays there instead.

Cathy said...

Nice cardigan!!
Yeah, I've seen that mag on YKW, too. I think it's hilarious that they pasted a girl in the background, and re-released it. Oh, brother! The centerfold is interesting. What lame attempt at "sexing-up" a knitting mag.

Erin said...

Besides the laughable centerfold, this issue has no redemptive qualities whatsoever. In past issues, there was at least one interesting pattern-this one has none.

The cardigan is perfect as is.