Thursday, December 07, 2006

Things I like right now

I can't tell you guys how good it felt to read the comments from the last post. I knew there were others of you out there with holiday mind frazzle. I knew I wasn't alone. Stay strong though! With enough yarn and needles, we'll make it, I'm sure we can!

So the new Knitty isn't up yet. Does anyone else keep checking a million times a day like me? Anyway just in case you're thirsting for new patterns to drool over I thought I'd just take a quick minute and tune you into some of my favorite kniterly things at the moment.

Eunny Jang's new Anemoi Mittens pattern- The Zimmermania blog got me started on a Fair Isle Mitten curiosity and this pattern just plucks all of those strings all over again. I've never really Fair-Isled for real and don't think I've worn mittens in about 26 years but for some reason these things are speaking to me! I'll be downloading this pattern soon for sure.

The Perfect Sweater Ann is knitting at Mason-Dixon Knitting- They said a Perfect Sweater pattern could never exist and (yes I know I haven't actually knit it yet) but I still say they were wrong! That sweater is so, so nice and you can download the pdf for free and make it yourself. And it's Cascade 220, I love Cascade 220!

The Red Light Special hat at Brooklyn Tweed- Ok, really everything at Brooklyn Tweed looks good to me. I want to see him go to the landfills of Bayonne, New Jersey and try to make them look bad! Just try! Everything he photographs instantly looks like Russell Crowe on toast. Seriously. And it's more Fair Isle. And it's red. Beautiful.

Speaking of

The podcast at Sticks and String is by an Australian Bloke named David Reidy. He's rad. He knows a lot of stuff and gives a much more accurate male point of view of this knitting business than my husband or guy friends or the dudes at work or probably even Russell Crowe (I know the photos may be a joke/hoax/etc. He probably knits as well as I could play Master and Commander, but they crack me up anyway) And David has a lovely accent. You could listen to him and think about Russell Crowe if you like. You know, if you like that kind of thing....

And finally I've also been really into the new podcast The Knitting Cook. There's something about the knitting and the cooking together. How many blogs do you read all the time where they also mention food? All the time right? We need to keep our energy up with something of course. Anyway Faith, the host of The Knitting Cook, just moved to Germany with her family and is always friendly and easy to listen to. She's got lots of knitting info and Germany stories and food tips and recipes. In a few of the last episodes she's done the podcast while actually cooking the recipe in her kitchen. It's kind of like watching the Food Network while I drive. Kind of blows your mind just a little doesn't it? Hey it doesn't take much, I'm a recent victim of holiday mind frazzle remember? Be patient with me.


Rachel said...

Im with ya on the Christmas knitting...I have way too many projects in the works and not enough time. On top of it all I cant stop dreaming about my next sweater! Argggghhh! The afflictions of a addicted knitter!

Jodi said...

I'm in love with the Anemoi mittens, too. That Eunny! Have you started your Fair Isle sweater yet?

I'll have to check out the Knitting Cook podcast. Then again, I'm just starting my 3 WEEKS of vacation - maybe I'll save them for when the new quarter starts up. Ah, vacation -- the only thing about grad school that makes regular working folk with actual paychecks reconsider their day jobs. But only for a minute!

Jodi said...

BTW, I'm with you about Jared from Brooklyn Tweed. That guy can not only knit, he can take some seriously beautiful pictures.

Jennifer said...

I checked Knitty every day too, usually multiple times. But now it's up! Thanks for the birthday wishes, and I wanted to let you know that I'm using the Noro Iro you sent me for Knitters Tea Swap right now! My husband gave me the One Skein Wonders book for my birthday, and I'm using it to make the Shepherd bulky Rainbow Hat! Fun!

Anonymous said...

Jana, I've been having brain frazzle lately too. Thanks for the podcast shout-out. The Food Network inspired me to do the new "cook with me" section. =)