Friday, June 15, 2007

Weight and creative ways to distribute it

These are done.

Yarn: Patonyle Made in Australia. Gifted to me by the wonderful Suzi at Darkside of Knitting

Pattern: regular old stockinette sock pattern knit on Clover bamboo dpns size 2.

They are done and in the Christmas bag! Look out-the holiday knitting has begun and it has it's own bag. I love putting it in it's own bag. Then when it gets to be the end of the year I have a big bag (I hope) of fo's just sitting there waiting to be gifted.

The Christmas bag is not the only new addition to the stash baskets

This is my new favorite toy. Fresh from Bed, Bath and Beyond where I practically stole it for a mere $5.99. Look it, even stores itself in itself!

Why would I have a diet food scale in my stash you ask? Well, it measures ounces and grams so I can use it to weigh my sock yarn halfway through instead of getting all the way to the end of the second sock and then realizing I'm going to run out of yarn:) In this case I can make 2 nifty little balls from one hank straight out of the gate.

This yarn was also a gift from Suzi back when I did the Punk Rock Gift Exchange. Basically, I'm trying to de-stash, it's hot and I want to knit the sock yarn the most and I'm starting with my favorites! In this case not only is the yarn awesome, but I picked a great pattern too.

These are the Waterfall Socks from Knitspot. I said nice things about Anne's patterns before when I knit the Cloverleaf Mitts from my mom and now you're going to hear me say nice things about her patterns again. I love this one! I don't even want to put it down. And this is not my usual experience with patterned socks. A lot of time patterned socks to me feel tight on the needles and I always find myself furrowing my brow and sticking my tongue out while I try to do weird stuff like purling 3 through the back loop and crap. So far with this pattern-not the case. The hardest thing is a k2tog and even I can do that. And it's coming out so pretty and stretchy- so I know it will fit well. Anyway, stay tuned to see where this one goes, I have really high hopes for it.

On the non-knitting front the sports medicine doctor did not give me good news this week, he basically reiterated what my podiatrist has already said. So I went ahead and scheduled my surgery for the very end of this month. I have 6 weeks on crutches, and then 4 weeks in a boot and then 4 weeks of physical therapy to look forward to. It sucks, but what can you do? It was bad news to get but I'm trying to be positive and keep a sense of humor about things. This brochure really helped a lot

I can choose, if I like instead of the boot to use a Roll-a-Bout! Fantastic! (sarcasm) The first thing I said when the doctor showed me this "Oh now that is SEXY!!!!" My crazy mother of course had to ask "Does the man in the picture come with the Roll-a-Bout" wink wink (Note to self-get mom boyfriend) Now I apologize if there's anyone reading this who has experience with the Roll-a-Bout and just loved it and feels strongly about their connection with their Roll-a-Bout but well, it's just not for me. I know the boot will be big and clunky but I just think it will still be slightly less noticeable than the Roll-a-Bout. Although I think it might be fun to hang out the skateboarders at the train station with the Roll-a-Bout and gauge their reactions... Am I sensing a new sport here maybe? Synchronized Roll-a-Bouting could be performed by teams set to music. Extreme Roll-a-Bouting would require helmets and elbow pads of course. Just think of the decorating possibilities- flame decals along the bars, ribbons and streamers to wave in the wind, rims on the wheels... Tony Hawk, I await your call...


Tracy said...

That thing looks extreamly dangerous to me! The first thing I pictured was you on the slighest hill and your roll-about rolling off with your one leg while the other tried to desperatly to keep up. I see an unexpected split, a groin pull and even more physical therapy. Stick to a cane, there's a reason they've been the prefered method all these years ;-)

anne said...

HAHAHA! the rollabout! and seriously, your mom should be able to find a guy that might not need to roll himself to dinner . . .

sorry, i got sidetracked when i busted a gut laughing at how you told that one. the socks are so cute, and thank you very much for such a nice compliment!

sunneshine said...

Loving the waterfall socks! The yarn and the pattern do suit each other well!!

LOL about the roll-about, although you may be able to create a new sport or a new dance craze... Could your doc have actually been serious? Does he own part of the company or just get a large bonus if he is able to talk some poor sucker into using one?

Jodi said...

The Roll-A-Bout looks like a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Love the beautiful colors in the stockinette socks! I like how the Waterfall socks are turning out, too. I hate it when sock patterns get too fiddly. I esp. hate purling the first stitch on a DPN.

KnitXcorE said...

what an awesome idea w/ the scale. I wonder if I'd look as cool as that guy if I got a roll-a-bout? I'm going to froogle it now.

lobstah said...

I love the new socks you're making--very fun. The roll-about is hilarious...who knew they even made anything like that? I've never seen one in real life.

Dorothy said...

Love the socks! The pattern in the second one looks really pretty. The colours of the first are pretty.

The Roll-about looks like it would be a pain in the knee.

J.J. said...

I simply can't imagine why you don't want a walker marketed for young folks.
I am sorry your recovery means housebound and having to cut back on your hobby - that is SUCKY SUCKY SUCKY and also I was wondering, if you wear knit socks, how do you wash them? Handwash w/ woolite? Wash and line dry? I mean, I just need to be educated here.