Monday, July 09, 2007

What I'm Doing with my Summer Surgery Recovery

Pattern: Waterfall Socks from Knitspot
Yarn: Merino 4ply sock yarn "Kelim" gifted to me by Suzi from Darkside of Knitting 2 Punk Rock Gift Exchanges ago
Needles: Size 2 Clover Bamboo DPN's

Result? Love these socks! Love them! I wish I could model them on my feet for you guys to show you how great the lace pattern looks but with the cast and all, it's just not happening. But if you look at the Knitspot catalog my end result does look exactly like the ones in the picture. I think unless you are deliberately making changes to a pattern, if you set out to knit a pattern as is, then it should end up looking like the one in the picture. I've found to be the case so far with both these socks and the Cloverleaf Mitts. I think I'm actually going to be doing another pair of the Cloverleaf Mitts soon. I've decided I need a little break from the socks. I think I'm going to do a bunch of glove and mitten patterns I have lined up as soon as I finish the socks I just started Saturday.

Which you can tell, it won't be long before I finish these. They're sport weight Louet Gems Opal, with a gauge of 6 stiches to the inch. Plus making them short like this, you finish the cuff, and right away you're up into the heel flap! It's great! When I bought this yarn I didn't know it was sport weight, so I think the thicker gauge makes it better for short-slipper type socks for winter like these. So these will probably end up being Christmas gifts for someone eventually. Only problem? The yarn is not going fast enough! The ball you see is half the hank and I'm at least 2/3 of the way done with this sock. And I bought 2 hanks! Oh the stash will never end...

In non knitting news I've been doing a lot of... well... nothing I guess. Which everyone tells me is what I'm supposed to be doing after surgery. But it still sucks. I did have one fun day last week, the knitting girls came over and knit and brought food and just cheered me up so much. But then Saturday I started getting a little weepy when I realized I had not even been out of my house in over a week. Ick. I'm hanging in though, now I'm looking forward to Wednesday when I'm supposed to get a fiberglass cast put on and I get to go back to work. Looking forward to going back to work, words you think you'll never hear yourself saying right?

In the meantime I guess I could tell you about some of the great movies I've been watching lately. First the other day I re-watched The Girl in the Cafe.

A lot of people might have missed this when it came out in 2005. It was actually an HBO movie, never in the theaters but it really is a wonderful and beautiful movie. It stars Bill Nighy who you may remember as the aging rock star from "Love Actually" and as Davy Jones from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies and Kelly MacDonald who has been in several films, but unfortunately I haven't seen her in anything besides this and "Trainspotting." The two meet and before long Nighy's character asks MacDonald to attend a G8 Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland with him. The results are powerful and beautiful. The music, the scenery is amazing. During a time where I'm sure the new, loud, action packed "Transformers" probably has some merits, "The Girl in the Cafe" is a simple movie of people talking, but it's really so much more.

I also finally got to see A Prairie Home Companion the other day. Loved this one too. My husband told my Robert Altman had to deal with 65 speaking roles while making this film. It sounds so difficult but then look at who's doing the speaking- Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, John C. Reilly to start. Ok, so Lindsay Lohan is in it but not a whole lot, don't worry she's not that bad orangey tan, or pulling up her dress or passing out drunk or anything here. And the whole movie is just kind of sweet, a little hokey, with lots of intersting storylines and layers going on all at once to pull you in. I really liked it.

Last night I started watching Amelie. I know so many people who love this movie and now I see why. Audrey Tatou is so attractive and charming. And the whole film is so entertaining, the colors of every scene remind you of a painting, and the storyline is charming and whimsical and emotional. I just have 40 minutes to go and unless it turns into an entirely different movie somewhere in those 40 minutes I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this one for awhile too.


Tracy said...

Oh yay, so much movie watchin' is a happenin'! I wasn't such a fan of A Prairie Home Companion like I had expected to be but the other movies are great.
Before you know it you'll be sucked into the netflix dark side too.

lobstah said...

Hang in there! The socks look awesome. And yes, "Amelie" is so cute and I liked "Prairie Home Companion" too. Every once in a while my bf and I bust into a rendition of "Bad Jokes"--that cracks me up even if it is corny!

KnitXcorE said...

the waterfall sox look good!
I hearted a Prarie home companion, it was sweet.
Amelie is my fave movie ever. The colors were based on a painting..... in the special features there's a whole thing about it.