Saturday, August 25, 2007

Self Portrait Saturday!

Ok, so I may be the only blogger taking part in this Self Portrait Saturday, probably because I kind of made it up 5 minutes ago and haven't told anyone else to take part. Why? Well, I'm just very happy today because today (August 25th) is the first time I have put in my contacts since June 27th. It's also the first day I've blown out my hair since June 27th. It's the closest I've felt to being my 'normal' self (stop laughing!) in awhile so I just wanted to take note of that, show my face and say hi to everybody! Anyone else feeling like taking part in Self Portrait Saturday (or Sunday or Monday, etc.) please feel free to have a blog post and a smile!

I know maybe it seems weird, my foot was operated on, this shouldn't affect my contacts or my hair but well, it just does. I'm one of those practical type girls that if it gets hard to get around (or I partied the night before, or I feel like staying in and knitting all day- hey it happens) well, the glasses go on and the hair is going to suffer. That's just what ponytails are for. Thankfully, these days I have been getting more and more mobile every day.

This is the hardware making me mobile. The walking cast is black and heavy and a godsend. Lately, it's allowed me to take the train home from work which gets me home almost an hour earlier and gives me a nice little knitting break after the work day. Last night it helped me get my laundry done, today the hair and the contacts, what's next world? Look out! Actually we're a week and a half away from no cast and physical therapy, and I promise Iwill be ready!

Unfortunately my little cat friend Allister, is not feeling so great. I'm not posting his picture because he even looks like he doesn't feel like having his picture taken. This week the vet diagnosed his recent general malaise as the parasite Hemobartonella. It's caused him to be anemic which means he's not eating a whole lot (he's lost 3 pounds), he's laying about even more than usual and sometimes he's been sick to his stomach a lot. Poor baby. We have him on the meds though, and once he finishes them the parasite should be gone and he red blood cell count should be back. It has not been a fun week at all, but we are of course VERY happy to find out it's not leukemia or cancer or anything really, really bad like that.

In other news I started a sock.

It's the Waving Lace sock from the Favorite Socks book from Interweave. In Socks that Rock Lightweight. Buttery stuff I know. But so far my favorite part about this sock? The needles! These are my new metal dpns from KnitPicks and I love them! Their shorter length really makes a difference and I've never knit socks on metal dpns before. They make the ssk's and k2togs so much easier. I think I must be a tight knitter because the needles don't fall out for me and sometimes I struggle with those increase and decrease stitches. No more, thank you KnitPicks metal dpns!


Jodi said...

Lovely self portrait! I know exactly what you mean about ponytails and glasses. You can gauge my stress level by whether I'm wearing contacts or not.

Go Knit Picks! I just broke down and ordered a ball winder from them yesterday after waiting 3 months for my one from to arrive.

sunneshine said...

Congrats on the healing! I love the self-portrait and the theory behind it - I am a ponytail and glasses girl too!

I love metal dpns. They make lace so much easier! The socks are beautiful!!

Tracy said...

That picture of you is great! I would love to partake in your new blog fad. However, today is not the day being that it is for me, the pony tail after two days of too much drinking day :-)

lobstah said...

Hooray, glad you're feeling (and looking ;) better. Hope your kitty feels better soon.
I love the color of that sock, it's so elegant looking.

Octopus Knits said...

Hoorah for increased mobility -- you look great! And I love the sock you've started.

The soaker pants are pretty entertaining looking, but seem so functional... and those stuffed shells made me drool....

KnitXcorE said...

poor kitty :-( at least you're doing well. that walking cast looks insane, you're totally like robocop.