Monday, August 06, 2007

Socks and a Certain Celebrity Chef

Smaller projects get finished faster. Like the short socks.

They went fast, but unfortunately didn't use all of that yarn. So what to do? Go back and make a small pair for my niece.

How cute are they? And they are going super fast. I was going to save them for Christmas. However, I got some new pictures today and my little niece is growing up fast! I'm thinking I might just go ahead and send them now, they may fit her better now than later. Plus I haven't sent her a package in a little while, and she deserves to be spoiled.

On a completely unrelated note, here's another good picture. I hate to admit it but these days I'm crushing on Alton Brown, hard.

A new series of Feasting on Asphalt is on the Food Network for the next couple of weeks and I am simply in awe. I also wish I knew how to ride a motorcycle and had cool foodie friends that would want to tour the country with me searching out fried food and adventure. If you have any interest in food or eating or adventure or travel or anthropology (totally serious I swear) please watch this show. I fear for the oodles and oodles of people out there today that are clueless as to how to cook and that live off of fast food and chain restaurants just feeding the corporate machine. Alton is here to change all of that. (My hero!) He often points out that if we don't appreciate and learn about our food origins and food heritage and yes, food history, that we are going to lose these stories. And yes, I think the show is pretty darn entertaining too. Please watch it. And cook something. I promise Applebee's is not going out of business tomorrow...


Rachel said...

My husbeast and I are HUGE fans of Alton. We love to watch him and have learned soooo much. He gets you thinking about how to cook your food better and where it comes from that you totally lose that appetite for McD' if I could only get the kids convinced. Damn that corp machine!

Btw, your socks look fab!!

Octopus Knits said...

Both pairs of socks are super cute! Thanks for pointing out the new show -- I've always enjoyed Good Eats, so I'll have to check it out.

Jodi said...

Hey! That looks like more than one row a day! Cute socks; your niece is a lucky girl. Often the best presents are the unexpected ones -- I'd send them to her now. Or maybe in Sept. as a back-to-school surprise.

I do a good amount of cooking and baking, but I've never gotten into the Food network. It seems like whenever I flip past that awful semi-homemade show is on. I'll have to try Alton!

KnitXcorE said...

lol! alton such a kooky guy. i love that chicken with the balloons in the kitchen.... watch closely, you'll see what I'm talking about.

BlackCrow said...

I wonder if Alton is going to travel down under? Sounds pretty cool.
I can't believe how much you've been knitting while I have been taking breaks from blogging, caught up with cats, work, winter blues and the flu. I like the short socks. I finished my first sock the other day its other half is well on the way and I've enjoyed it so much that I casted on another pair!
How's the gamy leg?