Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

Due to a few scheduling difficulties, Mother's Day was celebrated a day early, on Saturday for us this year. In honor of the moms I prepared a big batch of one of their favorite foods, lamb chops!

Now I know a lot of people who don't like lamb might be gagging right now. But if you do like it, that picture is droolworthy. I've made lamb chops a couple of different ways before but this time they came out perrrrfect! Tasty and moist and delicious. The mom's were very, very pleased.

Aren't they cute? In addition to cooking there has also been some knitting going on for another mom-my sister is about to become a mom again! This time we waited to make sure everything is going good, and I think that now that she's now almost halfway there (she's due in Sept.) it's about time I start knitting something for my future nephew!

That's right my niece is about to get a baby brother! We're all completely thrilled and I have to admit I'm slightly intrigued since there are no boys in our family really. I think its going to be such an adventure having a little guy around. So I started this little blanket in the traditional boy colors, since I remember it wasn't long ago it seemed everything I knit was pink! Anyway, this is a Mason Dixon log cabin square in the new Knitpicks yarn, Comfy, that I talked about last week. I'm going to do probably 20 or 25 squares like this, just with these 5 colors in different arrangements. I like it pretty much so far except for the dark green being so dark. In person you can tell it's dark green, but sometimes it looks almost black. But I really have my heart set on these colors and this layout so I'm thinking once I get the whole thing together it won't look like so much dark green. And remember too, it's for a little baby, it's soft and warm and machine washable, those are probably the most important things.

Anyway, part of the reason Mother's Day got moved up this year is the husband and I are preparing for a vacation this week. We're headed for Bar Harbor, Maine and I'm so excited. Work has been a beast lately and we're definitely overdue for a break. I'm purposely not hunting out any yarn shops this trip. I have so much in the stash right now it saddens me. Anyway, we're hoping for a nice laid back time, no work and I'm bringing my knitting, for me that's usually a good start to a trip right there.


Jodi said...

Have fun on your trip! The blanket is going to look gorgeous. I love the idea of log cabin squares. If the dark green is really bugging you already, it probably won't grow on you. I vote you look for another color so that you enjoy the knitting process!

Tracy said...

Ahh, the moms are so cute, as is the blanket! I'll be a better judge of the dark green in person, but it looked good with everything else before they were knit up so I have faith.

lobstah said...

I don't eat meat anymore but even when I did I always hated lamb! It just has such a distinctive flavor, and I didn't grow up eating it. Your picture does look appetizing though!

Congrats on your nephew-to-be and I hope you have (had?) an awesome time in Bar Harbor! Good time to go before summer traffic hell...and the weather was pretty nice this week too.