Sunday, June 01, 2008

Good things are happening...

Sorry not to post for so long, things have been mega busy around here lately, and I think by the end of this post you'll understand. Yes, we did finally make it to Maine and it was absolutely beautiful.

Somehow, going the week before Memorial Day we timed it just right with the weather and the crowds. It was beautiful and idyllic and relaxing. We spent most of our time exploring Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and eating lobster, blueberries and ice cream. It was a great trip that was a nice break for us. I even got some knitting done there and the Mason Dixon Blanket is coming along nicely.

This pattern is awesome. I know some people find garter stitch boring but I do not, not at all. And the color changes with this pattern keep it just interesting enough. I'm hoping to finish a few more squares soon, finalize how I'm going to lay the squares out and eventually, start seaming. Another project of mine is also moving along nicely. The Recession Garden has finally made it to Garden Status and is no longer just a box of funny plants on my porch!

Approximately 5 minutes after I walked away from this after the first day of planting I walked back to it and found 10 birds happily milling about. Ack! So I consulted my "Gardening for Dummies" book, grabbed the aluminum foil and that's why there are funny bunches of foil all over those stakes. It ain't pretty but it's survived some nasty thunderstorms this week and so far still no birds, so it's staying. And we know we have rabbits around too so that's what the wire fencing is for. The tomato plants I started from seed were looking a little yellow when I planted them. A week later they were officially dead. So I bought some tomato plants from a local garden center and we'll see how that goes. I also got strawberry plants and they even have some tiny green berries already. But the pepper plants I started from seed are doing great, and my herbs I started from seed are doing good. I also planted zucchini, lettuce, cucumber and beans, I'll let you know how those work out.

In other news, the husband and I are once again happy to be new pet parents! Meet Ella.

And Louis.

Giant Husband has been provided for scale. If anyone else reading this is a jazz fan you might pick up on the fact that they are named after Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Two of our faves. Ella is now 9 weeks old and Louis is 7 weeks old. They were a little timid when we brought them home last weekend, that's all over now. Now they are friends chasing each other all over the place, play fighting over who gets their favorite fish toy, and falling asleep on anyone's shoulder/lap/chest that will give them the time of day. I'll be honest it was a little bittersweet for me, going to pick out new cat food and cat toys and supplies for a new cat. I still miss our old friend Allister. But these two are nothing but joy. You can't help but smile when they tumble around chasing each other tails. Playing with an empty cardboard box they discovered. We are definitely so happy to be pet owners again!


Tracy said...

Your new housemates are painfully soft & cute! I can't say enough about the power of their cuteness. Ouch, it hurts just to look at them!!!

Rachel said...

Congrats!! I love adopting 2 kitties at a time, it really makes the transition easier and keeps the destruction down...somewhat. :)

they are tooo freaking cute!!

Octopus Knits said...

I'm routing for your garden! nice to be able to grow your own vegies (and fruits!)

The kittens are super cute, and it's smart to get two of them, so they can keep each other company when you're not at home : )

lobstah said...

Oh my gosh, sooooo cute! Squee! I love Ella's little "who, me?" face!

Glad you had a nice trip to "Vacationland" and a safe journey home.