Sunday, October 23, 2005


Looks like my cardigan is coming along nicely!

And believe it or not the sleeves are almost halfway done. I'm happy with it so far I guess. It's hard to tell. I did the pinning the sides closed kinda trying it on thing and it's hard to tell. It seems a little long but I'm thinking the set in sleeve situation might fix that a little. That and when I actually seam it rather than trying to hold it together over my body and see into the future and imagine what it will look like with sleeves and all.

Not much to report otherwise. I went to a gift auction held by the Monmouth County Association of Realtors Thursday night (I know you're so jealous). It was pretty snoozeworthy except one of the gifts was a basket donated by Wooly Monmouth. Full of pretty yarn and gorgeous walnut needles I wish I could afford. I swear I put every ticket I had in the bag for that prize but alas, I did not win. So not only was the evening boring but disappointing also! (Ok that was a crappy story, think of something better...)

Well then Friday was a good day, I wore my first pair of socks I knit on Friday and it was amazing. I never thought socks could actually change my outlook for the day. I literally think my day was better because of them. (Note to self knit more socks...)

Ok well to make up for my lack of knitting photos for today. Here is my Jersey fall scene for the day...

Ok so maybe it's not that autumnal but there are leaves on the ground and you can't tell by the picture but it is a lovely crisp 50 degrees. Finally! Anyway, this picture is really for my sister Lara. I am finally mailing out the baby stuff I knit for her tomorrow (really, really I am) and then once she gets it I can finally share with her my uber fascinating knitting blog (yeah right!) and I know she will like the picture of New Jersey in the fall.

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