Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bloggity blog blog blog...

Maybe my blog would get better if I just blogged more often? I dunno, I just think it's kinda boring. Not like all the fun blogs out there I seem to spend hours and hours reading away on. Maybe practice makes perfect. Or not. :)

Anyway, so for my latest creation I knit a muppet!

Ok, so maybe it's not a muppet, it just feels like one. It's a baby blanket for my sisters baby on the way. Thank goodness we have Fozzie for a reference point right? Otherwise, you just couldn't tell it was a blanket right? No, it's not that bad, it's just super super soft Berrocco Plush yarn... and the color... well... I know it will make people think my family must have lived on a commune or something but orange really is my sisters favorite color and I think she will definitely get a kick out of it. It definitely contrasts to the more traditional one I crocheted for her in white...

So these and the sweater previously posted, and some other store bought goodies will be making their way off to Florida this week. I think it will be good, they put my sister on bed rest the other week so I hope maybe this will cheer her up. Plus baby will be here next month! So the time is almost here!

On another note, I didn't get to post about the knit out last weekend. It was a momumental event, a wonderful setting for my caucus with the knitting ambassador

Yes of course that is THE Lion Brand Lion. Someone thought it was an impostor? Blasphemous! Hah! Anyway, so the Knit Out was fun. There were lots of fashion shows I took ton of crappy pictures of, none of which were that great. There were lots of hand outs and we had fun just hanging & knitting and stuff...

It was a fun day for all. Knitting, beautiful weather, free stuff. Very, very fun!

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