Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wicked weekend!

So sometimes there are perks to my job. This weekend was one I really really enjoyed.

I got to see the musical Wicked which was totally cool. Aside from it being a great musical it was relevant because for once in my life I had actually read the book first. Ok so the book was really really strange and graphic at times, but still an entertaining read. The musical was lighter but still lots of fun and colorful and a great story. Another plus- the wizard just happened to be played by Ben Vereen! Yes this Ben Vereen-

He was awesome! And our seats were in the 2nd row center!!!! Hellooo Ben! Then afterwards we went for some very yummy family style italian fare including a chocolate decadence desert. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

And yes, I am doing some knitting this weekend.

These are the sleeves for the cardigan I'm working on. I'm just a few rows from starting to shape the sleeve caps. Almost there! And then next weekend will probably be a buttonhole band/seaming fiasco which is always fun. Hey, it's almost clothing!

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