Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Digging in...

I had one more sweater I wanted to get done before it gets too hot. This is Knitting Pure and Simple's Summer Cardigan #221.

It's going very well so far. I'm using Knitpicks new yarn Main Line which is great. A nice cotton merino blend, I think will be good for summer. I like that, cotton doesn't bother me like it does some people. I don't think it will be too heavy for the warm weather, at least not from my very air conditioned office. And it doesn't really bother me knitting it, it doesn't seem to hurt my arms or wrists like it does some people I guess. This is a good thing. Because since I am only slightly (only slightly of course:) larger than the model pictured here, it looks like it may take me a slightly longer time to knit this sweater.

Yeah. I figure I have another 10-15 inches of stockinette to go. On the body that is, then there's the sleeves, the buttonband, the neckband... But that's really ok, sometimes I am more of a process knitter than a project knitter. I likes me some tv so 15 inches of stockinette is ok. Also before the big knitting addiction hit, remember I was spending most of my time crocheting afghans, so I'm used to long rows. I just hope the weather can cooperate. Meaning-it's supposed to be 72 today, and 78 tomorrow. Every once in a while more and more I'm getting that yucky summer knitting feeling. The yarn seems to stick a little, or now lately, the sweater feels kind of heavy on my lap. A definite harbinger of the sock and lace knitting season to come. I just have to hang in there and dig in. I just have to stick to it right? I think I'll make it.

"Must.... finish... one more... sweater... before... heat wave... arrives..."


Karin said...

As nice as summer is, isn't it so sad when you realize the weather is just too hot/sticky/humid to knit in?

I think that is going to look super cute on you!!

Rachel said...

I really like that sweater too! Too bad I have way too many projects to finish ahead of it. Your taste really inspires me, I started my own little dishclothes not too long ago. LOL