Monday, April 24, 2006


I figured the stockinette from the yoke to the waist on my cardigan was going to take years. But yesterday I tried it on just for kicks and was totally psyched that it's pretty much where I want it to end before I knit the ribbing on the bottom. Only problem? I must have had a brain lapse at some point because it turns out I didn't have the size 5 needle I wanted to use for the ribbing. (Oh gosh do I have to order from Knitpicks again? Ca-ching!) Anyway, then of course I wondered what I could possibly do in the meantime while waiting for said size 5 needle.

You guessed it. I got out my smaller circular and picked up the stitches for the sleeve. I'm thinking that maybe even by the time I get the needle for the ribbing I might have both sleeves done! How neat would that be? Verrry happy knitting thoughts about this.

On a more sombre note I know some people still think the podcast thing is a little nerdy but once again I have to give my 2 cents and just gush some more about how much I love Cast-on. If you have a free hour somewhere in your life I strongly urge you go to the page and click on the 'Listen to Episode 21' button. This weeks podcast is just so good. It is all about tragedy and strength and beauty and how even though bad times can be so tough, they really are what make the good times all the better. Bring your tissues and open up. I promise it's a good cry and it will not disappoint.

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