Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

Wow! There's good stuff in here!

The black thing to the left (sorry for my amateur photography skills) are lovely black satiny slippers that I just adore. Then there is a box of Slow Cooker liners to help me with my developing crock-pot skills, someone at work was actually raving about them to me the other day so I'm excited to try them out. Then there is some great Cascade Fixation sock patterns to go with some great fixation sock yarn!

This box has the sock yarn, an origami magic box (missing from this photo I think I opened it already), Gloves in a Bottle hand cream (love it!) And the pretty cardboard box has stitch markers and Hello Kitty gum!

I love the stitchmarkers, especially the small pink and blue ones for the socks I'm going to make! Then there was the basket which had this in it... Sigh...

Yay!!!!!! Candy!!!!! Yep that gold box is Godiva! :)!!! Which is already opened. The Reese's double chocolate cups and Oreo choco stix are already gone too and were delicious. (Did I mention I got this Monday? Just so you know I didn't like inhale this stuff in an hour or something) The white bag has some really tasty tropical-type jelly beans. The Hello Kitty Pez dispenser and marshmallow candies are soooo cute. And I love it that I got tea too! I am such a big tea fan. I know it probably doesn't make sense, I eat all this crazy candy and then settle down with simple tea but it's just so much more varied than plain old coffee. I love a cup of joe now and then all the time, don't get me wrong, but I just always find tea so interesting and calming.

So that's my Secret Pal package! Isn't it great? Just one thing, the pretty box with the stitchmarkers had this tag on it...

Hmmm.... Boussada.... Not sure what that is. I've googled it and tried Babelfish, which was no help whatsoever. I even asked my sister who speaks Arabic and Spanish and is the smarter one of us and she didn't know. Is it a clue? I'm not sure. I emailed the other day because I think I may know who you are SP but it was your anonymous email so maybe it got missed. I know I haven't checked mine in ages. Anyway, I still wanted to say Thank You Thank You Thank You for the awesome gifts! I hope you enjoyed SP7 too!


Anonymous said...

Do not, I repeat, do NOT eat the cute little marshmallow animals. I got myself some, and just tried them. ICK! They are definitely not Peeps. Maybe use them for decoration or something. They taste old. I even checked for an expiration date, nothing. Sorry about that! At least they're cute.

Boussaada is a name some friends and I came up with in high school, and we can't actually remember how we started using it. In our declining years, it's come to mean the equivalent of dude, but a little classier.

Hotmail seems to hate me, it doesn't work more often than it does. I'll have to get a new secret e-mail service for the next round. The blog you found is actually me, though I haven't updated in a while.

I'm glad you enjoyed the stuff!


Say said...

Great gifts! Look at all that chocolate!!!