Sunday, August 21, 2005


So even before I made my first pair of socks, when I was only planning my first pair of socks I was talking to one of the women in my knit meet up about them. I told her I had gotten the yarn, and the pattern and I told her that I already had a pair of Brittany size 2 dp's that I had bought for something else but never used, and that I would probably use them to make my socks.

"Yeah, um... They're going to break, you're going to want to get bamboo."

Definitely a message that should have been heeded.

Oh well. This is what happens when you are making socks for your husband who has ginormous feet.

Not only do they have to be ginormous socks, but chances are at some point you will have to come back from somewhere, and offer to drive and not think that as he's sitting there innocently snoring in the passenger's side those ginormous feet are going willy-nilly all over those poor little Brittany size 2 toothpicks.

But again. Oh well. There is a happy end to every knitting story. This was actually a welcome impetus to get me out of the house on my own this morning. A nice little trek off to A.C. Moore which was something I really enjoyed and needed. This is kind of a weird weekend. Last Thursday was the last day at my old job and tomorrow is my first day at my new one. So of course I'm kind of excited/scared/happy/nervous and nauseous. :( Add this to the fact that yesterday was my cousin's wedding so my sister is here visiting and my dad was here, and there is just more activity going on than usual makes things kind of crazy right now. So the fact that I had the time and an excuse to just go and spend some quiet quality time with just myself in the car and come back with a nifty knitting acquisition is definitely not a bad thing.

And this time the needles shouldn't break...

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