Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Best weekend ever!

Ok, so now that is has come to my attention that someone other than the spammers (hi Tracy!) is out there reading, maybe I should keep going with the blog. Who knows, let's see where this will take us. Ok this was if not the best weekend ever, at least a really, really, really, really good one.

To begin, feast your eyes on that b-o-o-t-y!

Yes, this weekend was Stitches and I think I did pretty good. There's only 3 balls of the berroco plush left because the 2 are already on their way to be the... well... that will have to come in a later episode. But the other stuff is a free circular case I got for subscribing to knitter's magazine, a whole bunch of noro silk garden that is going to be my very own clapotis (I can't wait, I can't wait!) and a lovely gathering of lovely sock yarns. Oh and oh yeah, my favorite...

How cute is that bag?!?!?!!! And I'm going to make it. Also, very very exciting. And aside from all the goods I also had a really fun time with my fellow knitsters Amy and Erin. We did run into a couple of colorful individuals (you never knew knitters could be so wacky!) yet managed to get away relatively unscathed.

As for Sunday, while not very boisterous or raucous I still had a lovely time attending the Harvest Home Festival at Holmdel Park. There are lots of funny animals there.

And there's also a beautiful house there. Check out the sewing room!!! Knitting needles on the dresser!

They also had demonstrations, lots of crafts, spinning, rug hooking, cross stitch. It was neat. Then I had to come home to a husband whose team lost not one but both quarterbacks this past Sunday. Not a happy camper. I'd say maybe better luck next year, but they are the New York Jets. I just know better.


Anonymous said...

"Putting crowd wisdom to work" and the creeps
But then I guess they wouldn't publicize that, would they. -- Sorry, it's the conspiracy theorist in me.
I'm glad I ran across your blog. It's very good. I like it.

Sonny M.

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Julie, unplugged
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