Thursday, December 01, 2005


Sorry to whine but somewhere along my travels I must have picked up a horrible case of the asiatic bird flu. My husband is sure it's just a very bad cold but I don't know, I have yet to see his medical degree. whatever! Anyway, being unable to pick my head up half the time has already caused me to miss my regular knitting group which totally bummed me out. I'm also fearful I'm slowly becoming addicted to nyquil. In the meantime I still feel the need to hold something soft and warm and knitterly now and then so I have managed to knit very few rows here and there on this.

It's a sucky photo but bear with me. It's just a simple little sock of everyday, run of the mill, found it in the stash might as well use it wool-ease. I'm considering whipping up a few pairs for Christmas gifts if they go fast enough. Which may happen. I think I can find the strength. Nyquil don't let me down! There is knitting to be done!

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Erin said...

Feel better Jana!