Monday, December 19, 2005

Look at my new socks!

So I have a certain special birthday deadline in January that I'm trying to make someone socks for. I ordered a very particular yarn from an online company I've ordered from before. The yarn is perfect, it has colors that simply embody this person to me. I ordered that yarn December 3. Today is December 19. The yarn is still not here. The company tells me if my package does not come today they will gladly replace it & send another. Which is more than I would expect from a lot of companies. But this does not help me with this deadline. So in a panic yesterday I began this.

It's a sock from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. The pattern is called Elongated Rib. I like it. I'm using Cascade Fixation from my stash which is an adjustment for me. The yarn is very stretchy and I find I kind of have to hold it with my whole hand as opposed to my fingers to keep it tight. Plus I'm not crazy about the color, you'll understand when you see the yarn I wanted to use... Anyway, if the package comes today I'm casting on with the yarn I ordered for the gift & these socks will be mine. With my luck that is what will happen. I started this other sock and now along the correct yarn will come. But just in case it does not, I guess I'm prepared and I'll finish these socks for the gift.

** Footnote- Of course as predicted when I got home the original yarn I had ordered was here safe and sound. I did not need a replacement sent after all. Sigh... The yarn is just what I expected, the colors amazing and I've casted on and am now an inch or so into the secret gift sock. Of which I will write nothing more at this time- I've already said too much! I promise, future pictures will follow!


Karin said...

That's a shame--do you have a tracking number for the package or anything? I hope it reaches you ASAP!

Karin said...


Sharon J said...

I'm sooooo curious about the yarn that arrived. It sounds really special. Will you be posting a pic when the socks are finished? ~Sharon