Saturday, March 18, 2006

Stick a fork in 'er. She's done.

Branching out is finished.

This was fun. Not that hard, I used up yarn from the stash. It definitely gave me more confident as far as lace patterns go, basically I learned hey, they take concentration. If I don't concentrate I mess up, that simple. Learning this I think my next lace project (which will feature actual lace-weight yarn) will probably be a summertime endeavor when my knitting episodes are less um, tv-oriented shall we say? (Hey Amazing Race and American Idol are both on right now. Good stuff!) But I am happy with this scarf. It's a little shorter than I imagined so it will probably wait and be more of a wintertime neck-warmer item than the springtime accessory I had hoped. Alas, I am still happy with it.

The Fun Fur Bandits, otherwise known as my bad not-so-secret pals who sent me the crappy gifts are coming over later today for a Knit-In. I know, can you believe I'm letting them in my house? We'll see, maybe I'll make them do the dishes...


Tracy said...

I wish I had seen this post earlier today; I would have loved to see the scarf in person!

And thanks for not making me do the dishes as penance.

And super big thanks for offering to me my coat - - I really don't mind coming to get it if you get crunched for time :-)

Say said...

Looks great!

This pattern definitely boosts one's lace-knitting confidence. Mine came out a tiny bit short too, but it was a good stash-busting project for me.

Have fun with the Fun Fur Bandits!

Necia said...

Hahahhaa on the funfur friend comment. Lol. Your Branching Out looks good. I'm with you as far as extreme concentration with lace. I like your scarf alot, I think it looks just as good on heavier weight yarn too!