Wednesday, June 14, 2006


What was with that spacey post yesterday? I think I had a little touch of cabin fever. I am feeling so much better today. Especially after I heard my new favorite song EVER on Cast-on. "Knitta, please" is an amazing rap by Mike Bryant. Ok maybe not amazing (you do know I tend to get overly excited at times right?), but definitely reminiscent of rap in my high-school Digital Underground/Monie Love/Kris Kross days. And it's about knitting! How cool is that!!!

Ok, I know sometimes people don't want to do the whole podcast thing, so if you only have a few minutes please, please, please go here and if you scroll down on the right hand side of the page you can download or listen to this track for free. I promise you will laugh your butt off! He talks about 'don't take no flak from the crochet b*tches' and actually has the line "I like big needles and I cannot lie..." See? Genius I tell you. Yes, I've listened to it like 100 times already.

Oh and to the Fun-Fur Bandit posse I knit with on Tueday nights- guys I say once we get those new matching shirts in we gotta go and get us some nice high tops and big M.C. Hammer pants (you know, circa about 1990) and find a high school talent show where we can get on stage and lip-sync this song. Dude, we'd be like the coolest knitters in the whole school I promise!!!! C'mon who's with me???


Tracy said...

Knitta, I am so down with all your bad-ass plans! Rock on with them needles, rock on!!!

Dorothy said...

That is one funny tune!! I could so see M.C. Hammer break dancing with some big yellow needles and singing this song!
Wow! Sometimes my age really weirds me out. Whaddaya mean that was twenty years ago??!!!