Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ronald McDonald socks done

As I mentioned when I got back from last weekend's trip, I went back to the needles, hard. Put it this way-the first sock was started April 10- finished May 25. The second was started May 25, finished yesterday June 4. First sock took 46 days, the second sock took 11. Yep. Well that's what the first sock gets for being a traveling project for so long I guess.

Details- The yarn is Knit Picks Sock Garden in Zinnia. Which they don't even sell anymore. I knit them on size 2 bamboo dpns. Regular stockinette cuff down socks. I like the stockinette socks a lot lately. I like the lace patterns I've done, they're pretty and interesting but the stockinette just goes so fast and requires so little attention. It's great for car knitting, which is what my socks usually are. And it's nice that it goes fast, I made these a little longer than other socks I've made. This time I made the leg 8 inches before starting the heel as opposed to 7. I like it that they're a little longer, I figure I can wear them with boots in the winter when it gets snowy and cold and I'll be snug and comfy!

On a blog related note I just wanted to say thanks to all the cool people who leave comments on my blog for me. It's always so neat to get feedback and just to meet you guys and have new blogs to add to my list to read. I really appreciate it. So anyway, I just wanted to say thanks and hi and nice to meet ya! Happy knitting all!


Karin said...

Wow those look hot on you! Way to work em!

Kari said...

Love the socks! The colors are just fun! :-)

Dorothy said...

I like! Good job!