Monday, June 19, 2006

A weekend at the lake

Meet the in-laws!

This is Pennie. No she doesn't always dress to match the kitchen, this was a complete coincidence.

And this is Dom. Dom does not like having his picture taken so much. But he's a very good sport!

And this is their summer weekend getaway-the lake house

The lake house is quite idyllic. While it might be simple, it is quiet and friendly and relaxed and there is Satellite TV so I don't have to worry about my husband getting all tantrum-y over some stupid hockey game. Which you know is so stupid really, who wants to watch hockey when you could watch this-

There's also a lot of eating in to country, see that picture of Pennie in the kitchen? Yeah, she's there a lot. Pretty much once the breakfast dishes are cleared away, they start making plans for lunch. After lunch comes ice cream by the pool, then "cocktails" (see how idyllic there is? there is no "cocktail" meal in my dreary daily life!) and of course then dinner, and then snack. Oh and if you get hungry in between there's always something by the fridge. Oh and less you think "cocktails" are only drinks they are often accompanied by copious amounts of finger-food, dip, antipasto and ironically this weekend-shrimp cocktail.

But you know the best part for me of course right? You see this coming from a mile away. Of course the best part of the country is this

and also the fact that Dom and Pennie let me do this all weekend and often in front of their friends! And still to this day, they have yet to file a formal complaint regarding my marriage to their son. Because I totally realize to the rest of the world this probably looks completely bizarre. I don't really even look that relaxed. But I am. It is good. It is a very, very good thing.


Karin said...

Wow that looks like a great time! All that food...awesome.

Emily said...

It looks beautiful where you are! You're lucky to have so much relaxing knitting time (particularly if it's accompanied by cocktail time).

Dorothy said...

I love that kitchen!! The lake house looks so pretty and relaxing. I never look very relaxed when I work with DPN's. I usually am, but I never look it.

Kari said...

That looks like a cool place to stay at. The view is beautiful.
And i love the yarn color that you are using.

Rachel said...

What a great vacation to have!! Im glad that you have such great in laws too. :)

BTW, is that a Bad Religion t shirt peeking out at me?

Alaina said...

And remember that can all be ours someday.