Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Knit a cup of tea....

Thanks for all the nice comments about the crappy current state of things. You guys are sweet, I wish I could pack you in my pocket for those times I'm sitting at work, contemplating banging my head on the desk... We buried my grandmother yesterday. It was pouring rain most of the day and was just extremely dreary and sad. However, my grandmother was 91 years old. She lived to know several of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And she was a very faithful woman who loved going to church every day she possibly could. The priest said at her wake 'she was better prepared for the afterlife than most people.' And knowing that she was loved, and knew that she was loved, and that she really did get to live out most of her days doing exactly as she pleased, these are things I'm trying to remember that are starting to make make me feel a little better.

And I've been trying to knit to feel better too- I present to you my knitting equivalent of having a nice, soothing cup of tea:

There's knitting you do for the end product, and knitting you do to challenge yourself, and knitting you do to experiment, and then there's knitting you do to feel better. Hats are the knitting that I do to feel better. I have know idea why, but there's something about stockinette, in the round, worsted weight or larger gauge that just soothes my soul. And this one is a bonus-it's a really soft pretty yarn called Caron Dazzelaire that has so unfortunately been discontinued. It's left over from a former life when a few friends and family members actually paid me to crochet baby blankets for gifts. (Crochet??? What's that??) Anyway, so this is actually a baby hat that I'll be donating to charity, which will feel good also. Feels so good I'll be casting on another one tonight.


Dorothy said...

The best thing about hats, is that every hat will fit someone, somwhere.

They are quick, soft, cozy and fairly easy to make.

Hats are the best.

metal and knit said...

I have just finished the 1st book of maggie seftons knitting mystery series and my best quote
"knit on it" when all esle fails sit back and knit in it for a bit

Say said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother and your job woes. I understand what you mean about her having lived a full life. One of the matriarchs in my family died last fall at 100. After her 100th birthday, she was fond of proclaiming, "Now I'm ready to die. I've seen everything!"

Your knitting sounds very therapeutic.