Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bad blocking and mind control....

In case you're wondering if all I've knit in the past 3-4 weeks was Fetching, I promise this is not the case. The green Elizabeth I Lace Scarf is being blocked.

I'm a little concerned. I really should have string blocked it so the edges would be sure to come out straight. Instead, you can see I chose the slacker option of "Oh, let me just try putting a bunch of pins in it and maybe it will come out straight." Stupid, I know. But we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

In other news Tracy made me follow her to the yarn store near where we knit on Tuesday. Sigh... Yes, at gunpoint and everything, it's true... When we got there I found this and somehow it just grabbed control of my mind and I knew there was no way of getting out of there without it.

It's Schaefer Elaine in the colorway "Rosa Parks." How cool is that? They actually name the colors after famous women like Edith Piaf, Emily Dickinson, Margaret Mead and of course, Rosa Parks. The colors are amazing and there's plenty here to make a cool scarf probably pretty quickly. What's with the scarves lately? Who knows. When the yarn is this pretty, why ask why right?

On a completely non-knitting related note- for any foodies who might be interested- did you hear squealing coming from the direction of New Jersey this afternoon? That would be me, when I saw a little 2 second blurb on the Food Network today that Nigella Lawson is going to have her own show on there in October. I am so psyched. I used to watch 'Nigella Bites' on E a few years ago and loved it and then it disappeared. Nigella is intelligent and makes some pretty good recipes. She also cracks me up because she has this thing where she is like almost always eating on the show. And if there are males in your house they usually don't complain too much about watching her either. My husband once said that they really should change the name of the show to "Nigella's Boobies." Yeah, men are just so subtle sometimes... Anyway, Food Network must have vetoed that one and instead is going for "Nigella's Feasts." Good choice. I'll be watching.


Tracy said...

I have multiple comments and questions:
1. what is string blocking?
2. I also love Nigella. But yes, the show was always very sexy with close up shots of her hands kneading bread or egg yolk running off her fingertips - it was odd.
3. Amy something (another cooking chick) is getting a talk show. Sad thing is I like her and know her name any other momnet in the day except right now, when I was going to call her AMy Ray, but she an Indigo Girl and while she may very well be a good cook, she's not known for it. I digress....
4. (finally) I still love that yarn and can't wait to see it knit up!

Jana said...

Sorry about that- I put a link in about the string blocking. This goes to the Yarn Harlot entry about blocking lace. I should have put that in before but again-slacker brain! And I think you mean Rachel Ray, she's getting a talk show. Yep, I like her too. Add another entry to the tivo:)

Karin said...

I have never watched Nigella. I am looking forward to the show. I LOVE that yarn you bought too!!

Dorothy said...

I love watching the reruns of Nigella Bites on Food Network (The Canadian version still shows it sometimes.) There are so many overtones to it, it's funny.

Have you seen the International Scarf Exchange blog yet?

Tracy said...

Yeah, Rachel Ray! That's why I got the "ray" part in my head.
Que Homer's "Doah!"

Say said...

Your Elizabeth I Lace Scarf is most impressive. My weaving instructor is very big on string blocking but I am a slacker at heart and completely understand.

I LOVE that Schaefer Elaine yarn and want Emily Dickinson!!! How cool!