Sunday, October 22, 2006

It's hard to photograph black...

But that won't stop me from sharing the joy with you that this hat is finally finished!

It's Vinny's black stockinette hat!

Yarn: Black Encore worsted I had left over from a sweater I knit pre-blog. Yep, it's that old!

Pattern: A variation of this pattern which I have knit before. I understand this is also a variation of an Elizabeth Zimmerman Pattern. I changed it a lot though, first of all to be the 120 stitches to fit around Vinny's large pumpkin-sized noggin. Then I also modified the tops of the hat.

There are 2 tops because all in all the hat is really shaped like this

which would now that I think of it make a pretty decent pillow if you stuffed it with something. But it is not a pillow it is a hat you can wear one of 2 ways, punch one side in the other and get the starfish shaped smooth side

or punch the other in the other side for the gathered top

which when on a head really does not look as ruffled and girly as it might here. It stretches fairly smooth and I actually like it better than the other side. So there's versatility too. I think he'll like it. It's black, it's warm. Those are usually his major fashion criteria. But not until Christmas though, it's one more thing to put under the tree of course!


Karin said...

Thanks for linking to that pattern! I have been looking for a double thickness hat pattern.

Tracy said...

I love that hat - hmmm it's a bit (exactly) like what Chris is lookinbg for.

But more than anything else, I LOVE that you have a favorite Rudy quote. This means, of course that you have at the very least one or two other Rudy quotes that you think of fondly.

Dorothy said...

That is a nice hat. I think my Mr. would like one of those too. In black or very dark blue of course.

sunneshine said...

That turned out great! I may have to make that for my hubby!