Thursday, October 19, 2006

What I did last week when I wasn't knitting

The main reason I visited Orlando? Well to visit the cutest niece in the world of course!

Oh yeah, and to also visit her mom- my sister. Baby is getting so big and is walking and is a total wiggle worm! She does not sit still for 2 seconds!

That's a little baby walker she's leaning on, she pushes it all over the place more than she uses it to help her walk. Walker or toy fish? Walker or toy fish? Oh they're both so fun, you can't put either of them down!

Of course you know other than the relatives, Disneyworld is also in Orlando. And we are a Disney family. And even more than just being a Disney family, we are a food family too. So how lucky are we that we got to attend da-da-da-da-

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!!! Oooh... Aahhh... Ohhhh... So, so, so wonderful, if you are ever in a 100 mile radius of Epcot during the month of October you must must must go. All over the international showcase there there are little booths representing all different countries selling food. For $2-$4 you can either purchase a small food or wine tasting.

One example would be Greece

where you can get lovely greek salad with feta cheese and pita and spanakopita which is a wonderful flaky pastry filled with spinach. Yum!

Another big hit was Poland

Pierogies, kielbasa and sauerkraut and a sweet, thick honey wine which was delicious. There were also empanadas in Argentina, dumplings in China, Guinness and lamb stew in Ireland, sushi in Japan, curry in India and escargot and champagne in France. And honestly the quality of the food was also so excellent. Everything we ate was good. And it was such a treat just tasting everything, and tasting all the wines too:) We thought we had died and gone to food heaven.

The other Disney thing I got to do during my visit? I met up with a friend from high school and we walked the entire length of Downtown Disney. Going in all the stores. Ok, we mainly went through all the toy stores. You know when you shop on vacation, that charge card comes out of your wallet so much more easily....

See, now I have fulfilled my vision. I now own a Star Wars lego X-Wing fighter and more importantly 6 mini-figurines including Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewie, Luke and Wedge. Yay! And let me tell you, every 7 year old boy watched breathlessly as I made my way around the lego store, debating just which Star Wars lego set to get. In addition to the set I also got these

Aren't they cute? The young Obi-Wan keychain is mine. Harry Potter and Dumbledore are for the husband. I want to enter him in the Guiness Book of Worlds records as the biggest (physically) Harry Potter fan around. I really wonder sometimes...

So not much knitting stuff to mention. I'm plugging away on those big projects and am hoping to maybe finish one this weekend and be able to share. Yep, finishing up one of those would be a good thing.

Oh and PRGE participants- Saturday night I'm dragging this old butt out out to ye olde punk rock show. We're going to lovely Asbury Park, NJ to see Ignite, Pennywise and the Circle Jerks. Woo hoo!


Karin said...

That food and wine festival looks like the best thing ever! Color me jealous!

lobstah said...

Thanks for your compliments on my shawl! Your niece is adorable, and those pierogies are killing me! The argyle purse you made is the cutest thing ever, I'm tempted to make one too.

Say said...

You ARE as much of a SW fan as me, eh?

Your niece has grown so much since last year! I remember when you made the matching set of socks. Glad you had a great trip.

Tracy said...

I could seriously eat that babies face she is so cute--- I know, I know, "too young" (that's from tha Adam's family, I'm not a nut)
As for other yummy things to eat, All of that food looks amazing. As for the lego's yeah, now I don't feel so bad about joining the Sci-fi KAL :-)

Dorothy said...

What a sweet looking little niece. So cute.

That Food and Wine Festival looks great and so tasty. Winnipeg, Manitoba has Folklorama which is similar in that you can buy food from booths representing different countries all over the city. Although I went to the Polish booth one year and I did not see any Mead (honey wine).

Anonymous said...

Quick blog stop:your niece still looks like you, but now more like your sister too. Wish I were in Florida! It´s been cold and pouring buckets, finally stopped today. As for that purse, go get ´em Jana. ~EK

Stacey said...

Oh my goodness those keychains are awesome! I have a Yoda keychain...but his hand broke off, so I don't use him anymore. I may need to try and track down the one of Harry. Hmmm, I wonder of they have a Ron keychain...okay, I'm now headed out to search for one! Fun!