Sunday, October 08, 2006

Who's a lucky girl? I'm a lucky girl!

Look what I got from my super cool knitters tea swap gifter Anne! A beautiful red tea mug from the Republic of Tea which I seriously think may be my new most favorite thing. It's so pretty and it has a lid which is fabulous as sometimes I do get pulled away from my cup and then come back and it's cold and that's a bummer. I also got some lovely Taos yarn in gorgeous fall colors. You know the first thing I thought of when I saw those colors-maybe another Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf? I'm thinking maybe... the yarn keeps talking to me... I also got a very cute kitty calendar just in time-for some reason I keep having to look up dates in 2007 this week and haven't had a new calendar yet, an adorable kitty bookmark and a pretty little bead stitchmarker, which I think will be just perfect for keeping track of the beginning of the round when I knit socks. What neat stuff! It was also really neat meeting Anne as part of this swap, she has a great sense of humor, her emails really made me laugh a few times and I look foward to reading her blog and seeing her around blogland!


Tracy said...

What great gifts! All of it's great stuff but I especially love that mug and the yarn!
Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I started a second MD scarf this weekend too. It's a sickness.

Ann said...

Waving hello from the cornfields. I am glad that you enjoyed the gifts. One never knows what might land in the mail box for these swaps. I am happy I was able to put a smile on your face.

Sara Skates said...

what great stuff! Enjoy -