Friday, January 13, 2006

It's Friday!!!!!

And Fridays are great!!!!! Especially when you have a 3 day weekend like me! Yay! And now I'm really in a good mood because I just got the cutest e-card from my secret pal!!! Thank you so much nice person out there! It was so cute!

Well, not much planned for this weekend, I have lunch dates tomorrow and Sunday but other than that I'm really up for just some relaxing and catching up on my knitting. I know it's late for it but this is pretty much my first weekend I get to recover from the holidays. Plus it's been a crazy week because my husband at the young age of 37 somehow managed to get the chicken pox this week! Yes, the chicken pox! We knew he had never had it but never thought about it much until he woke up Monday feeling really sick completely covered in red bumps. He did get to the doctor and has been resting, but it's really knocked the wind out of him so he's still a little out of it. I asked if I could take his picture for the blog but he said no, he's not feeling so pretty I guess.

I do however have a picture from knitting the other night!

As you can see we had some visitors! Four brave guys throwing down the shackles of society and picking up the knitting needles! How cool is that! I love how this picture perfectly captures me on the far left just running my mouth, babbling about knitting (I do this in my sleep now, it's pathetic) and Erin second in from the right looking at me thinking "Jana is telling them the completely wrong way to cast on!" And then there's Chris our resident crocheter on the end smiling and looking cute, trying to pretend it's all normal. Haha!!! But no really, other than me screwing up the casting on lesson it was a great night. We all had fun and the guys were so interested in the knitting and so polite and they really picked it up, even if the instruction might not have been that coherent at times...

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EK said...

I think Tuesday went well. BTW let us know when your husband scabs over. :P