Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sexy? No. Comfy? Heck yes!

This week I finished knitting what I can only think of as the sock equivalent of granny panties.

Simple short socks knit out of some Cascade 220 I had left over from making a Sophie Bag. I had made socks like this previously out of acrylic but they weren't as warm as I had hoped, so these are wool and I tightened the gauge up a little bit and I love 'em. And the Cascade really does have quite a depth of color, you might not be able to tell from the picture but the purple really does have little tones of red and blue here and there that make this such a great color. I know the design isn't sexy but hey, it's January and here in Jersey we have some frosty days. Actually today happens to be a lovely miserable gray that could only be compared to like British fog meets a Bauhaus song meets a hangover. This is my interpretation of the weather today. Makes me glad to be staying inside and knitting!

So there's some big football game coming up next weekend (I don't know if it's true or not, I just heard it somewhere...) and for some reason this has come to mark the big yarn/craft store sale season around here. (It's like being a football widow is so pitiful, the yarn stores even feel bad for me... Sigh...) So yesterday I went to the LYS where I purchased my ball winder and got myself a swift at a lovely 20% off. Woo hoo! Then I had the nerve to keep going so I went to A.C. Moore which I forgot was hosting the "Knitting and Crochet Party" (it was insane, the knitters had like lampshades on their heads and the crocheters kept doing Tequila shots and picking fights with each other) so I just picked up a few little things and went on my merry way.

Yay washcloth yarn! The lavender Sugar & Cream doesn't translate that great in the photo but trust me it is sooo pretty. The other items are supplies for stitchmarkers themed after guess which holiday coming up? No, not President's Day...


EK said...

I haven't caught the sock bug yet, but I'm sure I will. I resisted A.C. Moore, but had to stop at the lys for some gorgeous Manos yarn, and stuff for my secret pal. Maybe you should have a side business selling stitch markers, they're nicer than many I've seen online.

Tracy said...

Chris and I were both at the K.G. and AC Moore this weekend too! I can't believe we didn't all bump into each other (I had fully expected we would).

Jana, you're a riot with your granny socks. I like them, and I totally think they're hot!

BTW, I totally got mis-rung twice by the old dude! He should not be "helping" on sale day. I don't feel like going back for 6 bucks, but it totally negates the coupon, ya know?

Karin said...

What are you using the Sugar n Cream for? I like the colors. I'm working on granny socks myself--I just want something comfy for around the house!

Anonymous said...

Those socks are way cuter than any granny panties. And I don't think my granny even wears granny panties. I know she insists on Vanity Fair, do they make granny panties? Personally, I caught the semi-annual sale at Lane Bryant, and there's not a granny pair in the bunch.

I forgot about the party, and I wasn't even planning to go, but I needed to go grocery shopping, and it's right there in the shopping center. They were wild at my A.C.Moore, too, but they looked like party crashers, lots of them totally baffled and totally in the way ("I would enjoy to learn this practice of crafting with sticks and fibers. I am told that yarn is essential to this endeavour, where do I find it?"). Oy.

My LYS isn't having football widows' discounts, I'm jealous. Or maybe I'm relieved, I already have a full plate of projects, and a bunch more I want to start.

Hotmail's acting weird, but I definitely got your e-mail. Feel free to ask me anything you like, I'll answer, as long as it doesn't give away my identity.

Your Secret Pal

Anonymous said...

Also, I should have included a name or something, but is new to me. Hopefully, you didn't just delete the e-mail from earlier today.

In case you did - Vaseline is giving away free lotion if the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow, and that's the rebate form from their website.