Saturday, January 14, 2006

Knitting South of the Border

My father and his wife recently spent some time over the holidays touring around Mexico. They actually have a lovely home in a beautiful town there called San Miguel De Allende and this December they finally had some time to get out and explore the surrounding areas. One of the places they visited was the town of P√°tzcuaro where they visted eljorongo a knitting and weaving business that uses wool from local sheep. Just look at these great pictures that my dad sent me

this is dyed wool that has been hung to dry

this is one of the weaving looms

Interesting isn't it? The website for eljorongo is definitely worth checking out. I love where they describe their business and talk about the "team of expert knitters" used to handknit many of their goods. (What do you say Erin, maybe our group could try out for the team? You can be team captain because you can translate :) There's also a section of the website called the art of wool where they have pictures of the team at work.

I emailed El Jorongo today to see if maybe there's a way I could just purchase some of their yarn. Just to see what it's like. Maybe I could get one of those fluffy brightly colored skeins for myself? We'll see, details to follow!


Karin said...

Wow that is gorgeous, hand dyed stuffs the best!! I hope you are able to get your hands on some of that. I just made an online purchase of 1900 yards of hand-dyed fingering cotton and I can't wait to see it IRL

EK said...

That is awesome. I love seeing stuff like that, thank you for sharing.