Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thanks Dad!

Just had to post a little something to give a belated thank you to my dad. I just can't go another day without mentioning all the wonderful Christmas gifts I got from him.

This is a bunch of knitting books I have wanted for a long, long time. Of course the Amazon wish list helped identify them, but I really give my dad credit for buying me knitting related stuff. I can only imagine what goes through the head of a non-knitter when they see these. (Yarn Harlot?) My dad was like "All those books are about knitting?" Yeah dad, they are. I know you don't get it but, trust me, these are really, really, really cool. I haven't taken a picture of them sooner because when the box came I pretty much tore it open and have been devouring them since. I'm a good part of the way into Knit's End already which I'm really enjoying. It's so easy to identify with her writing. It's so nice to see there are others out there who also obsess over, oops I mean enjoy, knitting just as much. :)

Also I'm already planning my first project from the Scarf Style book. This book is absolutely gorgeous by the way, there's just something so beautiful and simple about just such a quality group of scarf patterns like this. So yesterday of course I had to get out there and buy some more yarn!

Specifically the green yarn which is a gorgeous Lana Grossa Merino I'm going to use for the Falling Leaves scarf which I have in mind for a Christmas gift for someone next year. (See? I'm already planning ahead!!) The blue is a terrific Cascade 220 for a neckdown raglan which is another gift for someone. The one on the top is shaped different because I also caved and finally got myself a yarn winder. So much easier than just trying to wind a ball with the yarn wrapped around a chair or my feet or just laying on the floor. And I got some addi turbo needles which I love.

On another positive note I finished the secret gift project I've been working on today and will probably post pictures in the next week or so for the big reveal. (Ooh! Ahh!) This one was tough, I have to say it was a challenge like I haven't had in awhile. But I made it! Going back to Clapotis will be a walk in the park...


EK said...

Yea Dad! That's some good stuff there. I didn't get any knitting stuff for Christmas (I know, break out the violins) but I did get something that will enable me to get more yarn :).

Karin said...

Wow what a nice dad you've got! I cant believe how big that cascade 220 is wound up. I need to buy myself some!