Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006!

Yay! Snow! I know, a lot of people hate snow but I usually don't mind. It's pretty conducive to some of my favorite activities, curling up with cup of tea, sitting down with a good knit, catching some Olympic Hockey. That's how it usually goes. This weekend unfortunately is a different story.

Work??? Ewww! I know, but hopefully my nightmarish deadline really is going to be tomorrow finally and things should lighten up quite a bit after that. If however the necessary people are not able to attend tomorrow as planned because of the 'Blizzard of 2006' and things get postponed then you can probably anticipate more whining... So I guess between work this weekend and going outside to shovel like 8 million times (I don't always like the shoveling part) I'm a little cranky. Sigh...

Anyway, for some knitting content though someone asked last time what I like to use the Lily Sugar and Cream yarn for. Well, I use it for washcloths.

Well, washcloths, dishcloths. You could use them for whatever you want. This one is folded in quarters and will probably get used for a washcloth. This is one of my favorite patterns. It is called the Honeycomb Dishcloth and can be found here in the knitting patterns. However the picture does not really convey just how cool these cloths really are. Like I said you can use them as washcloths or dishcloths, my favorite thing personally is to tweak the pattern a little and make them big, like what some people call tea towels, and just keep them near the sink. The yarn is a laughable $1.49 in most big craft stores (one ball makes one cloth), it comes in every color and variegation under the sun and the cloths are just fun to make. There a great, cheap opportunity to maybe try something new like cables or lace patterns with little pressure, and trust me there's just something about them-everyone I've given them too has always come back and asked me for more!


Tracy said...

I love that pattern Jana, I may just have to add that to my knitting list of things to do. Sorry you had to work this weekend, that sucks big time!

Yeah for snow though, yeah!!!

EK said...

I like the snow too, I think it cleans things up. Good luck with your work marathon. You're lucky that the recipients appreciate and understand what you make, I just had someone else I gave a tawashi to (with description and instructions) tell me they put it on their Christmas tree (sigh).

Chris said...

Awe, Erin, that's so upsetting! Next year you should make them a whole set of 12 in red and green. haha

Rachel said...

I love your dishcloths! *putting it on my to do list*

I am jealous of your snow too, hopefully we will be getting some tonight. Send me good snow vibes!! LOL