Sunday, February 05, 2006

Torino... And beyond...

I really thought I might have some finished objects to post today but seeing as I'm still in my bathrobe more than half way through the morning and am nowhere near the intended casting off, I'm throwing in the towel and figure I'll just divert your attention with something else. Something that I do feel needs to be addressed. This would be the upcoming Knitting Olympics.

(Cue trumpet music)

How neat is it that there is going to be a Knitting Olympics???? Now for some reason I have been been totally psyched about the upcoming Athletic Olympics for weeks. (Note how I need to call the Torino games the Athletic Olympics now, because the Knitting Olympics have already gotten so huge, and I don't want you to get the two confused) Anyway, it's surprising for me to be excited about the Athletic Olympics because I'm not a very athletic person myself and most people think there is already more than enough sports viewing going in this house. But I don't know there's just something about it, I feel like the Athletic Olympics is one of the few places where people are still competeing from sheer love of sport. Not for the fame or the fortune. I don't imagine too many people competeing in the luge or curling or women's hockey have many groupies. But these people still go out there and give it their all, and manage to become the best of the best.

Knitters also do not have groupies. Sigh... But they should. Especially Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka Yarn Harlot who has given us this wonderful gathering called the Knitting Olympics. Stephanies blog is a usual must read in and of itself, but this Knitting Olympics is just taking it to a whole new level. Anyway the concept is you cast on a new, challenging project during the Opening Ceremonies and must be finished by the Closing Ceremonies. Pretty neat. And the coolest thing? A few days ago the number of people participating reached over 2500!

That is more than the number of actual olympians in the Athletic Olympics.


Unfortuately I am not taking part. I currently find myself with 2 projects I'm smack in the middle of and well, I'm just taken with them. Sigh... The Knitting Olympics are not in sync with my current project schedule at all. Drat! However, I have posted a little button in the sidebar to show my support (I really am supportive, despite the sarcasm of the button, it was just my mandatory choice, it has a Simpsons character on it. Hello!) and I guess I'll just hope maybe sometime in the future something similar may come along...

And when it does... I will be ready... (cue trumpet music again)


Karin said...

I heard there was a piece on NPR about the knitting olympics. I don't think anyone ever imagined it would grow to be so huge!! I can't wait to get started on my project.

Chris said...

You're link doesn't work Momma!