Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

So last night I got home to find not one but two- yes two packages there for me from my Secret Pal! Oh boy! The first-

Peeps hearts and Hershey's Peanut Butter kisses which I have been dying to try! Yum! Those adorable little Clover needleholders that look like tiny sweaters- they are so cute and will definitely aid me with getting some of these needles organized better. I also got 2 pairs of cushy warm socks from Lane Bryant (one of my favorite stores of course!) A de-stress facial mask which I could definitely use some de-stressing lately. A cool Sanrio Pen and some post-it flags to help with marking patterns. I'm already going to start using them on the Branching Out pattern, they should be a big help.

And as if that weren't enough there was also Box #2!

This box has some lovely green chenille and Fun Fur in 3 cool colors -red, green & purple (sorry the color's a little off in this photo. Oh and a tape with music that I'm dying to listen to at work tomorrow. Everything is great, it was so neat to get home and have packages to open and see all this great stuff I can't wait to use. Thank you Secret Pal!


Tracy said...

Such great stuff from your pal! I didn't even know they had peanut butter kisses, how am I not aware of these things?

Chris said...

Peanut Butter Kisses?!?!?!

Looks like some good stuff! I have a pattern for you for that FUN FUR! (your little niece will love it!)

Tracy said...

Fun fur!!!
You got a box of FUN FUR, how lucky are you?!?!?!
So hard to keep a straight face... so, so hard!