Saturday, May 20, 2006

Can I get a witness?

Does anyone relate to this? I was recently invited to a "Pocketbook Party" at my friends house. Now I know many people who just squeal with glee at the mere phrase "Pocketbook Party." I however knitfriends do not. I'm a pretty practical gal when it comes to my pocketbooks so I did figure upon hearing about this, "Well that's good, it's about time for me to swap out my main pocketbook anyway." Apparently some of my friends found that so cute. Like I just have one main pocketbook? I don't change my pocketbooks daily to match my outfit??? Well sorry to disappoint folks but, no.

I am just not that much of a girly girl.

If there were a museum somewhere of pocketbooks of my life most of them would consist more of objects turned into pocketbooks. I've carried lunchboxes covered in stickers. Cigar boxes rigged up with duct tape to function as a purse. Small camouflage map pouches rescued from the army navy store. And then there were all those college years of lugging around so many books in a backpack you couldn't get me to carry another bag so I somehow got by on just smushing the stuff in my backpack or (gasp!) carrying my wallet in my pocket.

But I did enter the adult world at some point so I do carry a pocketbook now. The one carryover from those lunchbox days though, like most of my wardrobe, for me the pocketbook is almost always black. Hey, it matches everything, doesn't show the dirt-it works for me. And I figured well, they'll have to have some black there right? I should be able to find something. Plus I was looking forward to the 'party' part of this. Some good friends I hadn't seen in awhile would be there and I knew it would be a good thing.

And it was. I had a very nice time. Except for one thing- I didn't buy my new black pocketbook. There was only one black style there really, and it was a Coach knock-off and kind of big and gaudy for me. Oh yeah, did I mention that part? Everything there was a knock-off. Which is ok for some people. Me? Well, whether it's authentic or not, let's just say I'm not about to carry that huge gold bag that says Prada or Coach or anything all over it. I could care less what brand it is. Does it hold my stuff? Does the zipper close? Can I carry it and still have both arms available to carry other more important things? These are the issues I look for in a purse. Whether Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie or Richie Sambora carry the same stupid thing. I really couldn't care less. (By the way there were a group of 10-12 year old girls there just drooling over the fake Burburry/Coach/whatever wristlets and sunglasses there because you know, that was the one Jessica Simpson or her lackey or her manicurist or whoever has too. Sigh... I pray for the youth of today. I really, really do.) Anyway had I found a bag that met my basic criteria (black, holds junk, not the size of Texas) there and I liked it, knock-off or not I would have bought it.

Anyway, all is not lost, while there was no pocketbook material there for me I did realize I did find one thing that I thought "Hey, I could fit my knitting needles in here." And it's pretty cute! Meet Kate:

Yep, that's my new Kate Spade knock-off knitting bag. Perfect for the smaller summer projects (socks, lace scarves, dishcloths, etc.) I have lined up. The fashionista crowd thought it was a little over the top, that is was a little fancy for a knitting bag. But I don't think so because I figure when it comes down to it, my cell phone, my palm pilot, sunglasses, make-up case I couldn't really give two craps what I'm carrying that stuff around in. But the knitting, my knitting. Now that is where my heart is. And that's the stuff that's going to get carried in the pretty bag.


Kari said...

pocketbook...interesting...I just call them purses or bags over here so I was actually confused at first by what you meant "pocketbook." Yet another soda/pop where you live what word you use...
Anyways, the new knitting bag is super cute! I don't see a problem with carrying your knitting around in it. You spend countless hours working on a knitting project, so it might as well be carried in a cute bag.

Tracy said...

I love this bag! Even if it is a Cate Spode ;-)