Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dishcloth is done!

And already in use! If it's not totally apparent already I really like making and using these cloths a lot. I like big ones like this to use as tea towels, but the smaller ones also make great washcloths, and I've even heard of people who really like using them to clean and dust. (Dusting? What is this dusting they speak of?) And at what $1.79 a ball for the Sugar and Cream yarn? It's just such a nice little knitting pleasure.

So tomorrow the husband & I are leaving for Washington, D.C. for the long weekend. Of course this means travel knitting right? What am I taking? Well, I'm taking the Ronald McDonald socks

These are my travel knitting so they have been taking awhile because they are not my main project. I like them, but I'm ready to start going onto new stuff so it's time to finish the one up and knit it's partner.

I have this bizarre notion in my head that somehow on this four day trip with a pretty full itinerary I'm going to get all this knitting done. So just to make sure I absolutely don't run out of things to do I'm bringing another sock I started:

This one is my first toe-up sock ever. Isn't it awesome? The first time I tried this I ended up going on a trip to the frog pond. The darn thing just came out completely uneven somehow. But I stuck with it and the second time is a charm. And now it all just clicks and makes total sense and I'm empowered with the new skill of the toe-up sock. Having bigger feet than I like and liking a slightly longer sock I worry about running out of yarn a lot of times. With the toe-up sock though- no need to worry right? No need to make sure I save enough yarn for the toe, I just knit until I run out. It's genius I tell you, pure genius! Wahoo!


Kari said...

Very nice dishcloth. I also love to see that you are already using it! :-) I hate when I make stuff for people and then they think it's too nice to use.
I'm not sure what this dusting thing is either, lol.
Enjoy your trip to Washington D.C. I have never been there before.
And on the toe-up socks...I have never made socks like that before. But the whole not having to worry about running out of yarn seems brilliant. I should try a pair of socks like that.

Dorothy said...

Dusting? Is that what solves the problem of things slowly turning grey?
I've been wanting to try a toe up sock too. Did you use the toe-up instructions from

msfortuknit said...

Fantastic red~!