Sunday, July 23, 2006


You would think it would be lunacy to finish a big complex project and then pick something very, very similar for your next project. Right? Well, as I type the Forbes Forest scarf is done and happily blocking away on the dining room table.

It is very pretty, and a great warm, soft scarf. I'm so happy I did it, even though it did seem like so much work and chart-reading at times, it was totally worth it.

I don't know why the color is off in that second photo, the first photo is much better. Anyway, definitely towards the end of this I was dreaming of starting something simple, something in garter stitch, more headbands, maybe dishcloths, items that didn't need patterns, in worsted weight that would go pretty quickly. This is why it is a mystery to me that somehow this has found it's way into my knitting bag:

For some reason this weekend I chose to start another green scarf that I need a chart for. (???Lunacy, I tell you.) This is the Dainty Bess Pattern from the Elizabeth I patterns I got from KnitPicks. It's my first laceweight project ever, which is neat. The yarn is so fine, but it does seem to go faster than I thought it would. This chart is pretty simple too, it's purls all across the wrong-side rows so that makes it a little faster than Forbes was. I do like it as a project in and of itself, I'm just not sure this is the right thing for right now. Still I'm such a stickler for finishing stuff out. Maybe this will just have to be one of those long-term things I'll break up with other little projects in between.


Karin said...

Nice scarf! Is it for you, or a gift?

Emily said...

WOW your first scarf came out beautifully and the second one looks great so far as well. Very very nice!

Tracy said...

I absolutly love both of those scaves! They're so beautiful, I can't wait to see the second one in person :-)

Beverly said...

Lovely Forbes Forest scarf! Would mind telling the pattern source?

Kari said...

The green scarf turned out quite nicely. And the new project looks fun too. And since it is a different project and pattern, i would not consider you luny for doing another chart pattern. You can always work on that project for a while and then do a dishcloth or another headband.

Dorothy said...

Excellent job on the scarf!
Once you start to challenge yourself, it's hard to go back to plain ol', plain ol'.