Saturday, July 29, 2006


Drool. Drool. Drool. I opened my email this morning to find a link to this. It's all the new KnitPicks yarns for Fall 2006. Yay! Can I just say I can't wait to try almost everything on here? Especially Gloss, the new Merino/Silk sock yarn. Yum. Also there are new colors of Suri Dream which is nice because I've wanted to make this throw pattern forever and I wasn't to thrilled with the original colors they had to offer. And I also think Quarry looks like an awesome new quick-scarf yarn.

Oh well. Alas, it will probably be awhile before I'm placing an order with KnitPicks though. The postman brought this for me the other day

36 bucks worth of soft fibery goodness. These are going to be used for Fetching from the new Knitty. It's all the fault of Amy from my knitting group. First she came in with the yarn one day, and it is so bee-you-tiful and soft and pretty. Then the next week she had one glove finished and I was able to try it on and confirm that it would fit me (I was worried my hands might be too chubby) and well, it fit like a glove! And now I just have to have them. I know the pattern says you're supposed to be able to knit a pair from one ball but I'm paranoid about that stuff, and I figure if I have left over I can just make more or use the yarn for something else. I'll keep you posted how I make out with that.

And finally I have to say thank you so much for all the positive feedback on the Forbes Forrest scarf. The pattern is from the Scarf Style book, sorry I forgot to mention that. It's an awesome book, and this was in the end, a really great pattern. Even though the scarf took awhile it was not that hard to do and the end result is really such a pleasure. Now it's going in a plastic ziploc bag until Christmas, when I'm giving it to my godmother. I really think she will like it.


Karin said...

My goodness you are the third person I've seen lately make that scarf! Looks great.

I too am pretty impressed with the new Knitpicks yarn. I am going to have to order a haul later this summer!

Dorothy said...

I just wish Knitpicks would take Paypal. I love most of their new fall line.

If your Godmother doesn't love that scarf, I'm pretty sure she's just gone blind.