Saturday, July 15, 2006

Summer cool down

They're talking temps over 100 here in a few days. You know what can cool you off and get that hair up off your neck and out of your face right? A new headband!

I first saw the Wild Yarn Saving Grace Headband on Persnickety Knitter's Blog and just wanted one immediately. Ok eventually I would like to have several but this is going to take time. Anyway, my main motivation is not the heat unfortunately. I'm still diligently working away on my Forbes Forest scarf and it's so close to done I feel like I can almost taste it sometimes. But then I remember that that is the slowest scarf pattern ever. And well, I just needed to have something done now, I feel like I haven't had a finished object in ages! Enter this great pattern. I used KnitPick's Main Line that I had left over from my short sleeved cardigan. But this pattern would really look great with so many yarns- I can't wait to use the Silk Garden I have left over from my Clapotis. (that should look awesome) Also eventually I'm hoping to try out Molly's Headband from Interweave. Because I am growing my hair out (much to the chagrin of my mother, oh well!) and this July is starting to get uncomfortable heat-wise. But first, yes first I will finish that Forbes Forest Scarf. This was a nice break though.

** Quick fyi I have no idea if I made this 15 inches like the pattern specifies, I pretty much just kept at it until it barely reached around my head. I also used a provisional cast-on and kitchnered the ends together so I wouldn't have to seam. Yup, I really do hate seaming that much.


Karin said...

Hmm, I can't see your pic--but I clicked on the link to the pattern, very cute headband! Too bad I look absolutely horrific in headbands.

It's super hot here too :(. I am ready for fall believe it or not!!

Tracy said...

You know what's funny? I was just noticing that your hair was getting really long when I was looking at some old pictures of our group - very nice look!
I ove that headband too, you know I'll be making one of those soon :-)

Dorothy said...

Very cute. I was think how nice a headband would be for those bad hair days that are too hot for a cap.

Kari said...

Cute headband!

EK said...

Sort of reminds me when I made the panta to break up the never-ending blue blanket. Then another before Clapotis was done!

Rachel said...

Your headband is so pretty!!!

You always make the coolest stuff!